Hawaii ended the experiment to simulate life on Mars

На Гавайях завершился эксперимент по симуляции жизни на Марсе

The experiment lasted a year

From 29 August 2015, the group was in almost complete isolation.

NASA completed the experiment to simulate life on Mars, which lasted one year. A team of six scientists lived in Hawaii in the conditions in which people, according to the expectations of scientists will live on Mars.

From 29 August 2015, the group was in almost complete isolation. Six people lived in a very small domed building without fresh air, fresh food and opportunities to retire. Of the foods they were mostly canned.

The participants of the experiment could only go outside in special suits.

Scientists believe that about this will live astronauts who will fly to Mars. The duration of the mission, according to their estimates, can be from one year up to three years.

The study was conducted by the University of Hawaii with the support of NASA. Scientists have tried to understand how people feel in such conditions.

Now, according to the organizers of the simulation, the participants want to eat fresh food and to swim in the ocean. The experiment involved astrobiologist French, German physicist and four Americans – pilot, architect, journalist and agronomist.

The NASA experiment was the second of the duration of such study in the world. The longest simulation of conditions on Mars held in Russia in the framework of the project “Mars-500”. Six people were held in isolation for 520 days from June 2010 to November 2011.

Russia will build a lunar station for 12 people

Source: Russian service Bi-Bi-si