Hawaii ended the experiment with a simulated living conditions on Mars

На Гаваях завершился эксперимент с имитацией условий жизни как на Марсе

In Hawaii yesterday, August 28 at 09:00 ended an experiment about a year. Under him a team of six volunteers spent 366 days in complete isolation from the outside world.

This was reported by representatives of the University of Hawaii, which together with NASA has organized this project, the Agency “RBC-Ukraine”.

The experiment began on 28 August last year. Volunteers from the USA, France and Germany 366 days lived in a special enclosed area in the form of a dome built on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Mauna Loa, vaguely reminiscent of a Martian landscape. Sunday at 09:00 local time the project participants had completed the experiment.

The #HISEAS crew has emerged after a year in isolation! pic.twitter.com/7Y0eTUTwBs

— HI-SEAS (@HI_SEAS) August 28, 2016

On Twitter page experiment showed the internal structure of the dome.

LIVE on #Periscope: Inside the #hiseas habitat https://t.co/KMpRMymncE

— University of Hawaii (@UHawaiiNews) August 28, 2016

The first manned flight to Mars, NASA hopes to carry out in 2030-ies. Experts set out to learn a number of medical and psychological problems experienced by the crew of the ship departing on a long journey into space.

The international team of young scientists, selected by competition, includes three men and three women. The commander of the “crew” was the American Carmel Johnson, dealing with the problems of soil science and ecology in Montana. With it the experiment involved a physicist, engineer, biologist, physician and architect, who dreams to design a permanent residential complex on Mars.

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Recall that in NASA tests have shown the rocket engine, which is used for the flight to Mars.