Hawking: Humans must leave Earth

Хокинг: Людям необходимо покинуть Землю

Stephen Hawking

Scientist believes the human race is only a matter of time and advises to establish a base on the moon and Mars.

Renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking believes that humanity needs to colonize Mars in the next 30-50 years, writes The Telegraph.

Speaking at the International festival of science and arts Starmus IV in Norway, Hawking said that the death of humanity from asteroid, climatic disasters, or overpopulation is only a matter of time.

“I am convinced that people need to leave Earth. Our planet is getting smaller for us, and our physical resources are being depleted very quickly,” − said the scientist.

He finds it necessary to establish in the next 30 years base on the moon. Then, within 50 years, humans should colonize Mars. However, he advises to take to other planets, plants, animals, fungi and insects.

Hawking offers not be confined to the Solar system and go beyond it, reaching the nearest star system, alpha Centauri, which is believed to scientists, there is a habitable planet Proxima b.

Stephen Hawking plans space flight

Previously, scientists predicted the end of the world in the next thousand years as a result of man-made disaster.