Hawking posted his thesis on the expansion of the Universe

Хокинг выложил в Сеть диссертацию о расширении Вселенной

Hawking has published online his doctoral studies with the possibility of free access

Currently, the work of a famous scientist is freely available.

British physicist Stephen Hawking laid out in free access to the Network of my thesis on the expansion of the Universe, reports The Mashable.

“I hope to inspire people around the world, so they looked at the stars and not down at his feet. To get them thinking about our place in the Universe and tried to understand the cosmos”, the statement noted astrophysicist.

The work deals with the consequences of the expansion of the Universe, the theory of gravity and the possible causes of the formation of galaxies.

The publication reports that the thesis of Hawking was one of the most popular works, which received hundreds of queries from students over the past few months.

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