Haye has stopped cooperation with his coach

Хэй прекратил сотрудничество со своим тренером

Sean McGuigan and David Haye

The former world champion in two weight categories David Haye announced the termination of cooperation with mentor Sean Michigana.

“Since I focused on my recovery, I had time to reassess the future plans, discussed them with friends and, most importantly, with my coach Shane Michigana.

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Shane came to the mutual decision that when I get back to training camp, we’ll work together. We’re still good friends, but both agree that working together is wrong for both of us.

I remain deeply indebted to Shane for a key role in my return to the ring. I will always be grateful to him for his work and guardianship. Last Saturday he once again proved his world class, leading to the title of George Hrusa”, – quotes the words of David Haye championat.com with reference to the official press release.

According to the materials: