HBO is interested in showing fighting Mustache in USA

HBO заинтересованно в показе боев Усика в США

Oleksandr Usyk can box in USA

Director of the promotion company K2 Promotion Ukraine Alexander Krassyuk stated that it was negotiating with HBO and they want to see fights Alexander Usik in the USA.

“Sanya is ready to leave Ukraine. Well, in the USA a very serious TV market, however, and now the Kingdom comes. Although, to be honest, I never heard that Alexander wants to change the promoter.

We will represent it in the States, if you go to the market. Already held talks with HBO (Vice-President) and he is interested in the Mustache. From the very first duel with Alexander on the Pro-ring, we write TEXTS with the text: “Come on, faster we reduce Mustache with American“ or “Let Cunningham glowacki, and then we fight will be show on HBO“. If HBO debut is not American, he must fight with a local athlete, to attract the public,“ said Krasyuk.

Recall. earlier SPORT bigmir)net reported that the Mustache and glowacki gave 30 days to negotiate a world title fight.

Noteworthy is that the Tendril is not going to have a fight in between before glowacki.

See the video in the ring Denis Berenice and Alexander Moustache:

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