He knows about elves: what Poroshenko spoke with soldiers, militants shot down BMP

Он в курсе про эльфов: О чем Порошенко говорил с бойцами, подбившими БМП боевиков

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… The dancer Vasily hung up the phone and sat on the ammunition box. Suddenly became quiet, even the radio was silent, the sun of may, which became unexpectedly ruthless, hammered hot rays in a green Board van.

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I clicked on “stop” and he laughed out loud now. Bob reached for the cigarettes, enjoy lit a cigarette, exhaled, paused, and said hoarsely:

– On-HRE-net.

“Well? How?

– I know… But he fumbles. What position did the shooting? As the drone suggests? What is a grenade? With what range?

– Understands?

– Absolutely. I even sometimes get the feeling arose that I was not Commander in chief, and commander of the neighboring wop talk. Officialdom – zero. He understands.

– Seriously?

– Yeah. He even, you know, I noticed, said about when the team said – and so not “seventy-second brigade”, or “a seventy-second hombre,” he said, “seventy-two”. As we all say.

– Hey, cool.

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– Otozh. And yet – about elves.

– And what about us?

– Well, asked, as we are now, the second cohort forty-first cavalry-infantry centurion called?

– Tin. Damn, he know about Zbrain Seeley Serozem me.

– Yeah.

– If the bat is now renamed – the battalion commander will not forgive us…

Both laughing, curls the smoke, the hot wind pushes into the side of a dusty paws.

– Tell me more.

– Laughed. Said – Beha Mordor was.

– Well, the main thing is that?

– Told the boys to pass – thank you. He knows and appreciates that very much.

So the build?

– Yeah. Let radescu.

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After five minutes on the VOP soared Creek. Claps. Loud voices, excited, hurried, laughing. To be honest – happened God-knows-what. At this point… Well so to speak. At this point we were good.

Thank you. From us. It was a good day. And a very good thing.

And yet. The President of my country clearly knows how to shoot my LNG. That’s basically all I wanted to say.

Glory To Ukraine.

Martin Brest

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