Head Amazon proposed a plan to colonize the earth’s orbit

Глава Amazon предложил план по колонизации земной орбиты

The station should simulate conditions similar to Earth

The details of the plan he presented at a press conference in Washington. The basis for the project he took the model of the space station Gerard O’neill.

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos has proposed a plan to colonize the Earth’s orbit. In it he took the model of the so-called “O’neill cylinders”. This writes the Business Insider.

In 1976, the model of the space station was proposed by American physicist Gerard O’neill in his book the High frontier. After that, she was christened “cilindros O’neill”.

This model is a station of the cigar-shaped, which rotates around its axis. To the body it is attached to the ring with a diameter of eight kilometers. Inside this ring it is possible to stay people.

On the idea of the Creator at a certain speed inside the ring can be achieved gravity comparable to earth’s.

Bezos plans to realize your concept with owned aerospace company Blue Origin. However, the owner expressed doubt on whether to begin construction. The reason for this is, in his opinion, lack of technological development.

Earlier it was reported that the company of Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin presented the apparatus for exploration of the moon.


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