Head EXTINGUISH Kudryavtsev: the Declaration of readiness of the object can be submitted online

Глава ГАСИ Кудрявцев: декларацию о готовности обьекта можно подать онлайн

E-the Declaration of readiness for operation of objects of I-III categories can be submitted round the clock via the Internet.

This was announced by the head of the State architectural and construction inspection of Ukraine Alexey Kudryavtsev during the presentation of the project together with the State Agency on e-government and the OSCE project Coordinator in Ukraine.

“In 2016, nearly 50 thousand objects construction were commissioned on the basis of the Declaration. Nevertheless, citizens continue to face inconvenience in the written paperwork and spend time on trips to the centers of providing administrative services. The introduction of electronic services will provide new quality of service for citizens and businesses, transparency in activities of inspection and reduce corruption risks,” noted rukovditeli EXTINGUISH.

Alexey Kudryavtsev also said that the electronic service is already available on the portal Gosarhstroyinspektsii, and the unified state portal of administrative services. E-forms with automatic validation and hints are designed to minimize the risk of making mistakes when filling them. Reportedly, the pilot project as part of the campaign for the introduction of e-government in Ukraine implemented with the support of OSCE project Coordinator in Ukraine.