Head Forward to the Bank: a solution to the issue of capital — a matter of time

Руководитель Форвард Банка: решение вопроса с капиталом — вопрос времени

“Forward Bank” in the second half of this year, will return to profitable activity. And from next year the Bank plans to increase capital at the expense of profits. This was stated by the Chairman of the Board Andrey Kiselev.

“The decision of the question of capital — a question of time. We announced the issue and will solve all the issues with capital until August 1, 2018 — planned two waves dokapitalizatsiya, we carry out the plan previously agreed upon with the NBU. And in the second half of the Bank will be profitable for the activity — all the prerequisites for this”, — said Kiselev in an interview with “New time”.

According to head “Forward,” the Bank is now a financial institution shows a profitable activity. The Bank earns on lending to individuals, transactional and Commission operations. In the first quarter of this year, “Forward Bank” earned more than 70 million UAH.

Responding to a question about losses and negative capital of the Bank, Andrey Kiselev noted that these phenomena are not associated with the activities of financial institutions and were the result of changes by the national Bank reserve accounting standards.

“We have deportirovali reserves of 400 million UAH. Even for those customers who regularly pay, but the regulator said they were not very good — on the basis of the ninth standard, we are fully formed reserves. A loss and negative equity are associated primarily with these processes. As I said earlier — the Bank makes good money. It is no secret that the second half of the performance and volume of business two times better than the first. This gives us confidence that we will fulfill the task of improving the efficiency of the Bank”, — said Kiselev.

As previously reported, the “Forward Bank” conducts a two-step increase of the share capital: on 488 million. prior to June 1 in 175 million. before August 1 of the current year.

PJSC “Bank Forward” — Ukrainian Bank, which according to the NBU classification into the group of banks with foreign capital. Business ForwardBank concentrated in the segment of maintenance and transaction lending. the Bank focuses on innovative service technologies in the area of card products, branchless banking, and international standards of service.

ForwardBank included in the group of the most reliable financial institutions on the financial market of Ukraine. The Agency “Standard-Rating” has ForwardBank included in the top ten most reliable banks in Ukraine. ForwardBank takes the 26th position in the ranking “50 leading banks of Ukraine” research group “Financial Club” and the Independent Association of Ukrainian banks.