Head of Lexus Europe Pascal Rouge – on the DNA of the Lexus brand, the new reality and about the upcoming premiers

Глава Lexus Europe Паскаль Руж – о ДНК бренда Lexus, о новой реальности и о предстоящих премьерах

October 8, 2018 in Odessa was held the national premiere of the new generation of the business sedan Lexus ES – during the Grand opening of a brand-new official dealer center Lexus.

At the opening of a state of the art dealership, established in accordance with the new global concept of the brand Lexus, was attended by head of Lexus Europe, Pascal Rouge, who answered questions of the Correspondent.

Глава Lexus Europe Паскаль Руж – о ДНК бренда Lexus, о новой реальности и о предстоящих премьерах



Describe your vision for the development of the Lexus brand over the next few years?

The vision is to move from a manufacturer of the most stunning cars to the role of great mobile provider. Let me explain what I mean. Today the brand Lexus, as you know, is quite young, he was about 30. The brand was born in the United States, first we have developed one car, the years have passed and we have reached a very high level. But this is all about in the first place car.

If you ask me about the next 10 or 20 years, I think the world will be more mobile, and advanced mobility services will become more and more popular. At least in large cities. I don’t know how quickly it will become important for Ukraine. But, if we take Western Europe, any country, you will see that less and less people buys a car in personal property. But more and more people want to pay only when they use the car. And it’s a big psychological change in the perception of the needs of the machine.

This means that it is important for us to move in this direction, to meet this trend. So we want the Lexus was not just a supplier of cars, but also provided a mobile solution people. This corresponds to our DNA which has incorporated the best experience of Lexus. And now the question is how we are taking into account today’s experience of going to work tomorrow. When you just from time to time to take the car, and we still continue to provide services to a high standard, Lexus. This is our vision and that is our objective.

So you offer customers a Lexus, except for the premium cars?

This is exactly what I was talking about. Today, of course, we have a fantastic model. You can’t even hope that I will say something else. With every sold car we try to provide the entire Lexus experience. This means that we view every customer as a guest in our home. Omotenashi – Japanese culture of hospitality, of hospitality allows you to anticipate all the needs of customers trying to pay maximum attention to any details. This is something special that is in relation to our customers. Always, if they have a query, it needs to satisfy. And it’s not just a vision, a Declaration or words. This is confirmed by all the statistics and all the studies that were made in many markets, especially in Western Europe. In the last 10-15 years Lexus always ranks first when it comes to approach to customers.

Глава Lexus Europe Паскаль Руж – о ДНК бренда Lexus, о новой реальности и о предстоящих премьерах



What do you see as the main role of the Lexus dealer to work with clients? And how this role has changed in recent years?

This is very important because the dealer is the second person of the brand. Not me, not Lexus Europe, Lexus or International, and the seller, one to which customers come to try the brand. First they get acquainted with the brand when they come to the site when you first see Lexus models. But then when they come in for a test drive when they meet with people here, the role of the salesperson is to fulfill all the promises we make, to make them a reality. This becomes even more important in order to distinguish our brand from other premium brands.

What innovations to expect from Lexus in the near future?

In fact, we have two very important cars which will be presented in the coming weeks and months. The first is the ES model, this sedan is the seventh generation of this model. ES has always been known for its comfort, quality, durability, reliability. This model is also absolutely stunning design and all-new 2.5-liter petrol engine, which will bring a lot of pleasure from driving. I think this car has a lot of potential here in Ukraine.

In addition, of course, Lexus is well known for its line of SUVs. It and LX, GX, RX, NX. And now, with January 2019, we will add a fifth model in the line – UX. It is a crossover. It really is a good expansion of the line, which will completely cover the range of such machines. UX – a compact crossover for young customers. This car is really important for us in the future here in Europe.