Headquarters: Near Marinci the battle took place APU with saboteurs

Штаб: Возле Марьинки произошел бой ВСУ с диверсантами

According to the ATO headquarters, sabotage and reconnaissance group of separatists tried to approach the Ukrainian positions.

The press center of the ATO headquarters said in Facebook that on April 4 had been fighting the Ukrainian military personnel with a sabotage group of separatists in the area of Marinka Donetsk region.

“Today, April 4, in the area of Marinka a military clash took place with diversionno-prospecting group of the opponent”, – stated in the headquarters.

According to the military, a group of militants, near the village of Labor, located on the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Ukraine, tried to approach the Ukrainian positions.

The movement of the enemy was discovered, and “the brigade commander, given the direct threat to the life and health of subordinates, has decided on the use of weapons”. The enemy, firing in reply, moved, briefed at headquarters.

It is noted that after conducting additional exploration of the land clashes of the Ukrainian military, the body was found militants with weapons and ammunition. The victim was undocumented.

Earlier it was reported that over the past day in the Donbas 48 times fired at the Ukrainian positions. Five military injured, and two died.

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