Health in the smartphone. A new solution in medicine and health insurance

On the Ukrainian market startup included in the TOP 10 by Time magazine. Telemedicine plus the Internet here is all you need for fast and accurate diagnosis.

A product called TytoCare able to make a revolution in providing advice to patients.

Telemedicine as a tool to provide medical care at a distance is developing in the world and Ukraine is not the first dozen years. But, as a rule, it is used for narrow specialists for advice and consultation in complex cases. Israeli experts have gone further – they have developed, tested in pilot project launched on the American and European markets breakthrough startup telemedicine device TytoCare available to everyone. A small portable system for survey plus smartphone with access to the Internet here’s what you need in any critical situation.

What changes in the provision of medical services entails this compact gadget, said the General Director of the company Giva Care Group, exclusive distributor in Ukraine TytoCare Eugene Kiyan.



Eugene, what is TytoCare?

Is a unique development and the best solution in the world, in the sphere of mass telemedicine today. This year, the startup entered the top 10 of the best inventions in the world by Time magazine. This means that it is already having an impact on people’s everyday life and improves its quality. The developer focused on the availability of high-quality medical care anywhere in the world.

How to conduct a survey of your home or without leaving your workplace?

– First, TytoCare saves time, secondly, the nerves.

In the first case, saving time for decision-making concerning their own health, your child, your employee. According to numerous reports when a person feels weakness or aware that he has a virus that his route to the doctor is more than 1.8 of the day. That is, sitting at work in the best case, you tomorrow seek help to the doctor when it is not able to go to work. But after the man falls for a few days from the operation mode, infect all their friends and relatives with whom is in contact. And viral infections affect 3 to 5 people at a time on the second day of your cold. As a result, all employees are at work sick.

In the second case, when working parents report to the school or kindergarten that their child is not feeling well, is also about 2 days before seeking medical attention. As a result, the parent is forced to stay home with the baby. The parent, frustrated plans, workflows, and begin visits to doctors.

TytoCare proposed a unique solution to act quickly and save their money.

The results are immediately sent to a specialist, no need to go to the clinic, sit in line to call the doctor at night. And most importantly, it allows you to quickly make a decision about the treatment of the patient. Agree, in many critical situations, this time saving is very important. Patients do not need to go to the clinic for re-examination, and the services of a specialist are paid online.

How is the process?

System TytoHome is a portable kit with a digital camera, thermometer, stethoscope, Otoscope, tongue depressor and platform TytoApp to send the data. The gadget makes the measurements and images, processes them and sends them to a specialist. And you quietly waiting for his advice.



That is, at home, at school or at work you can carry out a survey and with the help of a doctor to quickly diagnose acute conditions such as colds, tonsillitis, ear infections, rashes, and in addition, to control chronic diseases such as asthma and heart failure.

How accurate are the data obtained in the course of such self-examination?

– The device inbuilt technology guidance, which provides clinical accuracy. TytoCare uses digital sound and high-definition video to capture the noise of the heart and lungs, record your heart rate, clear pictures of the ear canal, throat, skin, with high accuracy to measure temperature. A specialist that’s enough to make a diagnosis and give treatment guidance. Additionally, the device has all the certificates for FDA and CE. And we have already registered in Ukraine and are actively engaged in negotiations with the CIS countries.

What you need to have to use the device at home?

Need smartphone or tablet with the last two versions of the iOS software or Android OS 4.4.4 or later. As a rule, all phones that are in use in the population are automatically updated to these latest versions. That is, every owner of the phone can be insured with TytoCare.

Service for clinics. Their decision you help hospitals significantly improve their service. Do you work with all hospitals?

Tyto Care has proved its effectiveness in many countries. And one of the first advantages is the improvement of service in hospitals for their clients. It is now more than a few hundred clinics across Ukraine are testing our technology. We have high standards for the provision of telemedicine and we expect the same from our partners. First look for reviews about the clinic. If the clinic there are problems with the management that a hospital in the first place to improve quality standards of existing services and then to adopt a new technology.



How the process might look like in the workplace or while studying?

American colleagues estimate that 89% of students who have used a similar device, was able to get back to class, and employers through this telemedicine technology can save at least 50% of the cost of an ambulance and emergency care for employees. This reduction in absenteeism, and increase productivity – both for the University and for the company.

In terms of educational institutions and office of the company or of the production complex can be used by the staff nurse or medical officer. TytoPro for offices and industries included for examination of the heart, lungs, throat, skin, ears, temperature measurement. This kit is used for data transmission platform TytoVisit – it allows you to consult with a physician live. This means that you don’t need to take time off from work or school, to go to the clinic, to sit in queues. Within minutes you’ll know exactly what’s wrong with you and how to treat you. Now we receive many offers from insurance companies tour operators which are interested to improve your service. In the near future, will define with key partners in the market.

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