Health Ministry proposes to ban advertising of healing

Минздрав предлагает запретить рекламу целительства

Almost 69% of Ukrainians self-medicate, without recourse to doctors

Ukraine is lagging behind the West in the way and flow of drug advertising, where there are clear rules and regulations.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has developed a new bill on the advertising of medicinal products, which proposes to ban advertising of alternative medicine. This was announced acting head of the Department Suprun on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, may 16.

“Advertising is a bad adviser. Especially when it’s advertising of drugs, and sees it is not a healthcare professional, and the man who is looking for a way of easy and instant recovery. In the method of filing and advertising of medicines Ukraine really lags behind Western countries, where there are clear rules and regulations that allow you to distribute the advertising of medicines. It is heaven and earth compared to Ukrainian market of advertising of medicines, which is very chaotic and uncontrolled, which leaves much space for manipulation about the drug and its properties,” wrote Suprun.

She added that “more than 50% of the total market consumption of medicines in 2017, the amount of drugs without proven clinical efficacy”.

“According to the national Council on television and radio, from 30% to 50% of the total number of advertising on Ukrainian TV – advertising of medicinal products and medical devices… Almost 69% of Ukrainians self-medicate, without recourse to doctors. The consequences, unfortunately, are often irreversible health. Now in Ukraine the advertising market regulate almost 10 different law and regulations, but in practice they do not work. In our opinion, this is due to the fact that there is no proper control,” – continued the acting Minister.

According to her, the new bill developed by the Ministry of health must establish clear control over the content of advertising of medicines.

“The main goal is to avoid manipulation of information about the drug and its properties, as well as to harmonize existing legislation with EU regulations. I will list a few of the main points of the bill: restriction of advertising content in accordance with the directives of the EU; the prohibition of advertising of healing and alternative medicine; the prohibition of involvement is a particular drug of famous people, actors representing health care workers; prohibition of information that the medication is intended exclusively for the treatment of children; the advertising content must comply with the instructions for use of the medicine,” said Suprun.

According to the document, the functions of control over advertising of medicines are assigned to the Ministry of health.

“Set clear penalties to broadcasters for advertising of medicinal products in violation of the law. Such sanctions are entitled to apply to the national Council on television and radio (in the amount of 5% of the license fee for one violation), the state foods and consumer service, the Antimonopoly Committee”, – wrote the head of the Ministry of health.

Recall that the number of foreign citizens who arrived to Ukraine for treatment in private clinics, in 2017, increased by 25% compared with the year 2016 – up to 62 thousand.


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