Healthcare business: Between ice age and global warming

Медицинский бизнес: Между ледниковым периодом и глобальным потеплением

In Kiev was held the V international Forum of owners and managers of private clinics, which attracted more than 200 representatives from the private and public health sector from Ukraine and other countries of the world.

September 28, 2018 Hilton held a major brainstorming with the participation of experienced practitioners working in the private sector of medicine and the bold theorists – known business strategists and consultants. His goal was the search for a new paradigm of development of the health system in Ukraine in the conditions of active introduction of health reform. The organizer of the forum – the “Academy zablocki”.

The relevance of the topic was prompted by life itself, because the processes of change in economic, social and mental structure of Ukrainian society is accelerating from year to year and these changes require an adequate response and adaptation of professional medical community to the coming new reality. But in order that these processes took place as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to check the correctness of the production of “diagnosis” and to select the optimal treatment Protocol the most pressing issues and challenges facing private medicine. And thanks to the efforts of the founder of the Forum Yaroslav Zablotsky and his team, the event brings together an authoritative panel of leading business experts, for whom entrepreneurship is not only a subject of professional study, but sincere interest.

The main feature of the Forum in 2018 – a look at the prospects for the development of private medicine in the context of new trends that will determine the direction of human development, society, economy, science and technology in the near future. One of the most important will be a change in the mindset of the owners of the clinics, whose victory in the competition will have to adapt to a new hierarchy of values for customers, said in his report “independence in the operating room: how not to bring up the rebellion of the patients?” Yevhen Hlibovytsky. “Success will be able to count only companies that build their customer relationships based game with a positive sum, that is, those who consider them not as a resource but as partners”, – said a leading expert on developing long-term strategies.

Медицинский бизнес: Между ледниковым периодом и глобальным потеплением



“Today, you are competing not with each other – you included in the big game, where the object of competition are not products, services, and human resources,” – says in his report, “the Competitiveness of medical businesses: where customers’ money?” system researchers business Igor Gut.

The necessity of finding a balance between private and public interests to build a successful business in the new conditions stated in the report “How not to fall into slavery to their own business?” the expert corporate training Peter Zashev.

“The task of medicine of the future – making space a healthy, long and fulfilling life where the doctor is the center of the trust– said the futurist Andrey Dligach. – So the most important thing he needs to do today in a transitional period – to engage in strengthening their reputation, which will be his main asset tomorrow.”

However, in Ukraine there are already examples of clinics that have created business models in which social responsibility has become a key part of the success strategy. “Trust is worth more than the money – said Yaroslav zablotskyi. – And social capital that is generated through daily work with customers and team – the only reliable Foundation on which to build development strategy private medical companies of the future.”

Медицинский бизнес: Между ледниковым периодом и глобальным потеплением



Bright and useful discussions of interest to all Forum members, took place in a special panel of experts to discuss changes in the medical field, as well as the competition of public and private hospitals in the fight for customers and to attract investments. The participants were: Rostislav valikhnovskyi – founder of the Institute of surgery Valikhnovski Surgery, Tatiana mikhnova – Director of the medical center of St. Paraskeva, Michael radutsky – President of clinic “Boris”, Andrei Harkov plastic surgeon, Igor Shpak – chief doctor at “the Oxford medical of Accompany”, Maxim Lesnukhin – head Naturelle Dental Clinic, and Eugene Steps – head and owner Shagov Aesthetic Medicine.

Interesting was the discussion of the timeliness of investments in medical business in the expert panel of investors, which was attended by: Alexey Shershnev , the General Director of medical company ilaya, Michael Granchak – managing Director Dragon Capital, Tigran Harutyunyan – General Director of the medical home Odreх, Denis Tafintsev is a senior partner of Horizon Capital.

Медицинский бизнес: Между ледниковым периодом и глобальным потеплением



Special eventof the Forum was presentation of unique mobile app Dental Saga App, created on the initiative of Yaroslav zablotskyi for hygiene centres Dental Saga Office. Its functionality allows everyone to do the best for healthy teeth and gums: personal calendar dental visit, assessment and rating of oral health, selection of professional pastes and brushes and their delivery across Ukraine.

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