Heavy fog can disrupt the men’s sprint in Oberhof

Сильный туман может сорвать мужской спринт в Оберхофе

Fog in Oberhof

Men’s sprint in the German city of Oberhof, in the framework of the 4th stage of the biathlon world Cup in jeopardy due to heavy fog.

On Friday, January 5, Oberhof, Germany, to be held men’s sprint at the fourth stage of the biathlon world Cup.

According to championat.com her conduct was in jeopardy because of the terrible fog.

Note that the race start scheduled for 15:15 on the Kiev time.

The team included Dmitry Pidruchny, Brendan, Vladimir Semakov, Ruslan Tkalenko and Artem Tishchenko.

According to the materials: