Hepatitis in Nikolaev hospitalized 37 people

Гепатит в Николаеве: госпитализированы 37 человек

In all there were four lesions of the disease.

In Nikolaev over the past few days was 37 cases of hepatitis A, including six children. About it reports the local edition Sugok.nfo Wednesday, January 3.

According to the chief health officer of area Alexander Ignatenko, according to some reports, the cause of the disease was the water from the spill points. In all there were four lesions of the disease.

“After further questioning of patients, we focused on the fact that it is water from the spill points. After applying the foci of the disease on the map we saw that mostly involved district the Dry Fountain, the Central market, the Scaffold and the Alluvium”, – he said.

In Hospitible started checking the seven places where cases of hepatitis inhabitants of Nikolaev gained the water, and from there were taken the samples of fluid.

In turn, adviser to the head Nikolaev yeah Evgeny Shevchenko said that the outbreak of hepatitis is “a seasonal increase in incidence”.

“Must admit that we now have a seasonal increase in the incidence of viral hepatitis A. as in past years we also had a seasonal outbreak. In 2016 ill 58 people, including children – 35; in 2017 заболело43 people, including 12 children,” he said.

Earlier in the Kharkiv region of hepatitis a ill 29 people, including 14 children.