Here comes the new Ukraine

Здесь рождается новая Украина

The future – is a dream come true. Creating the most innovative, secure and comfortable maternity hospital in the country, its creators have proved that in Ukraine it is possible to realize health reform project of the world level. Leleka not only bring in thousands of Ukrainian households the happiness of having a healthy child, but can become a Herald of positive change in the national system of health

As you know, the only way to determine the boundaries of the possible is to go beyond these boundaries, in the impossible. Implementation of the project the innovative maternity hospitals in Ukraine coincided with tumultuous political and economic events in our country. But thanks to his impeccable professional reputation and competent medical marketing, the creators of “Stork” has managed to attract investment of 17 million dollars, implementing from scratch is the most ambitious Ukrainian project in the field of medicine over the past few years.

Functional building, providing exclusive comfort

The new hospital has a unique location, which combines the recreational opportunities of Metropolitan Pushcha-Voditsa with convenient transport infrastructure. Individual building project is designed with the most modern approaches to the development of medical institutions of this profile. Its complex mechanism is organised around the needs of the patient, so in the “Hole” all guests are welcome – and kids who love to spend time at the Playground in the cosy lobby of the hospital, and relatives involved in delivery partner. Characteristics of comfort in each of the 15 rooms standard, 8 suites and 7 VIP wards fully comply with the good hotel, where instead of maids – medical staff. Here is everything that helps to create the desired emotional disposition – modern interior design and furniture, beautiful hall for special extracts and convenient Parking is available in the local restaurant meals developed by a dietitian. But first Leleka is a complex high-tech object, where the best engineering solutions that not only optimize the work of staff, but also to provide obstetric and neonatal care at the level of world standards.

Absolute safety

Operating theatres, intensive care and delivery rooms “Stork” are closed capsule with a laminar flow device and air intake, which ensures absolute sterility. The prevention of nosocomial infections and is the system a separate gateway for patients and staff with airtight locks, sterilization center where instruments are processed under the control of a computer system, and even the Laundry, is divided into sanitary zones, excluding the contact of the linen with undesirable microorganisms. In addition, all delivery rooms are equipped with modern fetal monitors, allowing to control, remotely, the status of the fetus as during pregnancy and just before and during childbirth. Each birthing chamber (the hall), regardless of category, equipped with a resuscitation table for newborns. There is also a comfortable convertible beds that can easily be turn like in the birthing chair, but in the operating table.

The focus of attention and the physical safety of mother and child. Here there is an electronic protection system – if you attempt unauthorized removal of a child the alarm goes off and device locking.

Innovative medicine

Special pride of a new hospital – Department of neonatology. Experienced neonatologists conduct in-depth health screening of all babies – check hearing, and with the help of noninvasive pulsometry carry out early screening of congenital heart defects. Thanks to the cooperation with the German laboratory is available and this innovative method for early diagnosis of biochemical screening to help diagnose genetic diseases 32.

According to world statistics of all infants born are born to a 10% premature and 1% of full-term who need intensive assistance. In the nursing home “the Hole” is a separate unit of intensive therapy where has all the healing and control and diagnostic equipment through which it is possible to save the lives of the smallest patients.

The best equipment and caring hands of the medical staff that passed training in the best clinics of Israel, able to effectively care, treat and rehabilitate underweight (500 grams and above) and premature infants. These unique and professional competences “Leleka” is ready to generously share with their colleagues as a scientific and practical base of training of Ukrainian doctors.

“We believe that the country, which opened a new maternity hospital has a future!” – said General Director of the maternity hospital “Leleka” Valery Zukin.

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