Higher education – the dumbest investment in the child?

Высшее образование - самая глупая инвестиция в ребенка?

And helped you, son, the Bursa?

And whether higher education is the effort and cost? Is it worth getting higher education in Ukraine?

Blame the national higher education is a popular game in our country, writes Maya Tulchinskaya in No. 11 Magazine Correspondent. We all love to complain about life, but education and medicine — perhaps the most popular topics of sighs and groans. Three main complaints of ordinary people in the Ukrainian universities: the non-transparent mechanism of admission, pervasive corruption and, most importantly, isolation from market requirements.

Yes, even Taras Bulba remember: that old Taras began the conversation with his sons, returning from Bursa? With trolling, as would say now. With jokes about the uselessness received in Seminary education.

What now? To listen to critics in Ukrainian University is impossible to do; if received, it is impossible to finish without paying a bribe right and left; and if you graduate — and then it turns out that it was all for nothing, nothing useful is not taught you and anyone you’re in labor market is not needed.

Whether so it actually, we found out, after interviewing dozens of students, recent graduates and their parents. Today we will try to debunk some popular myths. Let’s start with revenues.

EIT works

It is difficult to say whether the EIT in its current form is perfect, but the fact that it has simplified the system of admission to universities and made it more transparent, — it is a fact. To estimate passing scores on a particular faculty and to assess its prospects can be based on data from previous years.

For example, for admission to the budget form of education at the Odessa state University, who for a number of specialties ranked in the top 10 ranking of universities according to the magazine Money, sufficient points in the range of 175-185. The most popular universities in the country such as Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko University, medical and legal Academy, may require 185 points or higher. It’s quite high scores but achievable.

To improve their chances for admission and in other ways. Many universities, including the most popular, offer training courses and accrue additional points when applying to those who graduated. Count and other achievements of the applicant: prizes at competitions in subjects, diplomas of Small Academy of Sciences. Also some universities, for example, KPI, use differentiated coefficients for points EIT. As a result, the grades in mathematics and physics affect the final rating of the entrant is greater than the score on the Ukrainian language and literature. This avoids a situation in which future programming genius will not get into the University due to the fact that he is not strong in literary criticism.

If the student is really ready for admission, owns selected objects at a high level and not allow silly mistakes on set and he’s got a chance to study in one of the best universities in the country. And even at the expense of the state.

And it’s true: talented and hard-working students can easily cope with the flow. After receiving scores above 190 on the three chosen subjects, you can easily apply for budget form to any of the best universities in the country. Of course, this is a very high level of requirements, not all applicants can this bar be overcome.

But in countries with a long University tradition grants for free training to get only the most gifted and promising students, only stars. In extreme cases of talented young athletes. All the others have to learn for money.

Высшее образование - самая глупая инвестиция в ребенка?

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Contract forces

The cost of training contract form a year — from a modest 12-15 thousand UAH in regional universities to a significant 50-55 thousand UAH at the prestigious faculties of the universities of the capital. And if 1 thousand UAH per month for education can afford a, 4-5 thousand UAH will be more noticeable for the family budget. But they don’t look catastrophically unavailable.

Many students demand professions such as IT, design, architecture, already at the undergraduate, working part-time earn per month more than a month’s worth of their training contract. And after the release, in the presence of practical skills and willingness to work, can count on revenue from 15 thousand per month and above. The cost of training and the student can fully recouped in the first few years of his career.

Contractual form of training allows to change majors, obtain additional education, to develop not one but several professions at the same time.

Bribes are smooth?

Teachers don’t like to talk about it, but ask anyone who does not work in the education system, and he says: in the universities, corruption is rampant! For parents who send their children to study abroad, the absence of corruption in European universities is one of the main reasons for this decision. They all say with one voice: “we have to teach, not to pay.”

There is a perception that some professions simply cannot get a diploma without paying “undue benefits” to teachers. Tests, exams, coursework, diploma — for all that you have to pay, and the knowledge of the student do not matter. No money, can not get the record book. Mothers of freshmen discuss the burning question: “How many of you have a session?”. So, bribery is another article in the estimate of the cost of training? They also need to be considered when planning the cost of a child’s education?

Whether so it actually, we decided to ask the impartial expert — a graduate of the medical University. Corruption in medicine and medical education has long been a byword, and, apparently, a medical degree certainly cannot be obtained without bribes. However, a good ability, diligence and a great desire to learn can become the exception to this rule.

To exclude bribes from expenditure on education, just to learn. As did generations of students at all times.

Высшее образование - самая глупая инвестиция в ребенка?


What is taught and not taught in universities

Hard to argue with the fact that the material base of many universities is outdated, not only morally, but also physically. In the natural Sciences, medicine, information technology and many other spheres of foreign universities are far ahead in terms of equipment, technology, opportunities for practical exercises.

Moreover, teachers with years of experience often do not have time for modern technology, and there comes that awkward moment, when students are more fluent in the subject than his examiners. A number of modern specialties that are born before our eyes, the Ukrainian universities are not able to teach for reasons beyond their control. Cool Pro in the field of SMM, SEO or business planning will not go to teach at the University, they are selling like hot cakes, and hour of their time is sometimes worth more than the monthly salary of the teacher.

In these areas students remains only self-education, specialized courses and practice of her Majesty.

Sounds sad. But do not forget that in addition to modern technology there is still fundamental science. Functional analysis and differential equations as areas of mathematical Sciences are designed long enough, and in the framework of a University course in them there is a revolutionary change for decades. Masterpieces of world literature and classical styles of architecture also does not change every five years. Basic theoretical training is not dependent on the trends of the time, the only question is at what level give it to the universities.

Companies are experiencing staff shortages and are willing to complete their education young professionals, if they come with decent theoretical background and high motivation. A good domestic University can give you that self-education does not get, is the fundamental base and the excellent organization of the brain. Properly organized brain capable of perception and digestion of anything for many years after graduation.

Summary: do not pay to learn a foreign work from the third year

In conclusion, we decided to give the floor to the insider, the high school teacher with 20 years of experience. According to her, Russian high school rather alive than dead. And that she was still alive, we need mutual efforts, not only universities, but also students, said Elena, lecturer of the faculty of journalism.

In her opinion, the situation with higher education in Ukraine is not so good as we would like, but not as bad as commonly believed. Yes, students and their parents like to talk about corruption in higher education and that the curricula were outdated, students are not taught what will be useful to them in their work.

But corruption is indeed a double-edged sword. No one will put credits for the money if no one will be the money for the tests to offer. Unfortunately, many students want to learn only what they are interested in, and with those items they consider unnecessary, prefer to “solve problems”. And this is the absolute truth. For example, cases of “extortion” rewards are almost there. But students who want “to sort out the problems”, alas, missing.

And here we come to the second theme — “irrelevant” program. Excuse me, how can a man at age 17, with no work experience and no life experience to decide what items he needs, and what — not, asks the interlocutor of the correspondent of Elena. How can I learn journalism, not having studied psychology, cultural studies, with no base of General education? How can I learn to write, not having studied classical literature?

People often come to higher education too utilitarian: teach me only the fact that tomorrow I will be able to convert into money and everything else doesn’t interest me. But a University is not courses of cutting and sewing, I’m sure Elena, which trains future wordsmiths and microphone. The modern University must teach people to think, to analyze, to work with information, and most importantly — learn to learn, because learning the graduate will have the rest of my life.

Gone are the days when you had 22 years to get a diploma, and you have a profession for a lifetime. The world is changing fast, new approaches and technologies are born right in front of us, and it is impossible today to teach the student that he will need to work in five years. This is not about something that is not a textbook, this is still simply not found in nature, it has not yet invented!

Therefore it is not necessary to expect from universities that they will give students all the practical skills that are highly valued in the labour market. To gain relevant practice to students need — internships, online courses, master classes given by the best professionals. And here is the base, fundamental knowledge, over which not imperiously time, can give University. And I can confidently say that in our country there are universities, which are perfectly cope with this task, — says Elena.

It turns out that the main skill that a student should learn from the Alma mater, — the ability to continuously learn all your life. This skill appears just as a result of quality teaching basic Sciences.

And if you want to become an expert in cool hi-tech? Here, alas, is much of a choice there, you will have to complete the training abroad. In the coming years comparable opportunities will be at just a few faculties of a few top universities.

And Yes, you will have to invest money, time and energy in a qualitative study of foreign languages. It is in the plural. Because in the fast-paced world to become a standard Eng+1, that is, knowledge of English and another foreign. The same mandatory condition for a steep career and became the first successful experience obtained prior to graduation. Including to in the last year alone to adjust the own program of training.


Andrew, the father of the student KPI

I may be a bad dad, but I’m not worried, goes my son or not. It was obvious to me that he would do, and on budget. He’s good with physics and mathematics, he participated in the Olympics, for him these puzzles on testing, not even warm. He received his 198 points in math and 197 in physics, I don’t know what else is there to 200 is not enough. He and the Ukrainian language was a decent score, but it was not so important, the Ukrainian was the reduction factor. Entered the budget in the KPI without any problems and worries from our side.

Remember how I came to the University for more than 30 years ago… Better not to remember. Although I was no worse than my son now. But then other factors could become decisive.

Now we have nothing. Nobody cares who you are, your name, who your parents are. Got high scores come in, learn.

Natalia Cigankova, mother of graduate of National University of physical education and sport

The first specialty my daughter is an ecologist, received a bachelor’s degree at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, studied on a budget, she had good points EIT. But in the beginning of the fourth year decided that the masters do not want, and will go to the Institute of physical education. She’s sporting past, was coaching practice with Amateurs. Received a second degree in absentia. Two years on the contract — 24 thousand UAH, recently received a diploma. Works as a tennis coach, earns an average of 18 thousand per month.
In parallel, at the beginning of the fourth year she went to study in KAMA, degree in fashion, a course of six months, 20 thousand UAH. After him in EDS (European design school), specialty — graphic design, 16 thousand UAH. Now in his spare time moonlighting as a graphic designer freelance, several thousand a month gets. Her coaching is good because it leaves enough free time for another job. Or further education if you want.

For example my daughter I realized that in 16-17 years after high school they still really don’t know what I want. Therefore, it would be nice to do on a budget. But taking a conscious decision to study further. To get a second degree or go on good courses for the money, but knowing that you are in this area to work and you need it.

Tatiana, a graduate of the Odessa medical University

I went to medical school entirely for free, though no one believed it was possible. I just passed the mcqs, biology and mathematics received 200 points at the Ukrainian — 198. In the list on the receipt I was one of the first, and I was enrolled on a budget.

Moreover, I studied all free, not a penny no one paid for exams and tests, although I also few friends believed it was possible. In fact, teachers in the vast majority are very warm to those students who are genuinely interested in the profession. Who wants to learn — he learns, and he had no sticks in the wheel is not intended.

If I want to say that do not take bribes? No, of course. Give and take, more like. And often of high value and beautiful certificates awarded to those who does not know anything. It’s sad, but true. But those who teach and do not pay, you get the evaluation, deserve no less! No one specifically estimates were underestimates. Just maybe sad that someone who knows better than you, gets a higher rating because he paid. Hence the myth about “flunked because I want money.” I am convinced that it is not. I have always received what he deserved.

So to the question: “is it Possible in Ukraine to get a medical education student from a family of doctors, without the money and clout?” — I can confidently say, “Yes, you can. I am a living example”.


Catherine, the mother of the bachelor KHPU

My son graduated from Kharkov Polytechnic, degree in design technology means 3D graphics.

He’s actually been working as a 3D artist, but learned everything by myself on the Internet. Do not advise anyone to enter our KHPU for this specialty, this is something unintelligible at the Department of descriptive geometry. Are dinosaurs the new curriculum, teachers don’t really know. If people did not come there for the crust, but wants to learn 3D, is hopeless. The last two courses of the son there almost did not go and did not pay for the exams — everything was so clear that he knows better teachers. Of sense to enroll in a master’s program he saw. Instead, he went to study 3D sculpture.

In the process of studying he was always working on freelance, $200-400 per month was making, and last year got to the office 15 thousand UAH. Parallel makes quite a good living as a freelancer, drawing portfolio and send summary in the steep international firms.

Valentine, mother of starsheklassnitsa Lviv Polytechnic

I’m an odd child. In 2013 my daughter was the first place in the national Olympiad in Economics among 11th graders, and first place in all-Ukrainian competition-defense of scientific works of Small Academy of Sciences in the section of IT. And, of course, very high scores for testing. She could go anywhere, all the friends wondered why she wasn’t going to study abroad.

But we chose the Lviv Polytechnic, and there were two reasons. Firstly, IT professional important good mathematical base, and it is in our universities is present at a high level. Technically, the mathematical basis is possible and necessary to get here. Second, in Lviv very well developed IT cluster, and the universities cooperate with companies. Already in the second year my daughter has passed the competition and got a scholarship from a famous IT company. According to the terms of this scholarship, she had two times a month to come into the company and together with the staff to do your project. With the middle of third year she started this company to work initially part-time, and post-baccalaureate.

With 19 years, she lives separately and provides itself. Therefore, the decision about his further studies also took her. Decided to finish my PhD in absentia in the same Polytechnic, and the necessary practical skills to the workplace.