Higuain: Dibala is very similar to Messi

Игуаин: Дибала очень похож на Месси

Paulo Dibala

Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain believes his team-mate Paulo Dibala has a huge future.

According to the Argentine, before Debaloy now open a great future, and to him will depend on how successful will be his career.

“Dibala is very similar to Messi,” said Higuain.

“Leo is the best in the world, and he continues to prove it. But Paulo is still very young. In his 23 years, and all depends on him”.

“Dibala has everything to become a top player, but he needs to work on his psychology.”

“It will have many UPS and downs. Here balance is needed. You cannot listen to any criticism or praise,” said Gonzalo.

Dibala was the best scorer of Juventus in 2015/16, забив19 goals, but in 10 matches of the new campaign, scoring only 3 goals.

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