Hire of e-Declaration for fighters: It was pointless from the beginning

Найем о е-декларировании для антикоррупционеров: Это было бессмысленно с самого начала

MP Mustafa Nayem, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. 24.03.2017

The adoption of amendments to the legislation which stipulates the extension of the system of e-Declaration the representatives of the public organizations working in the field of prevention, anti-corruption and all those who cooperate with such organizations, it was meaningless. Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” said MP Mustafa Nayem.

“I think that it was not necessary to adopt such rules. We talked about the fact that it is meaningless from the beginning. If you remember, the President even spoke about the fact that it creates a working group. For example, I wrote a letter to the AP to join the working group, which will cancel it. Still not received any response. I understand that there is no working group, no, it’s just some kind of a hoax. But you can outsmart yourself, not society and certainly not the international community. The letter that we received really is from the European Commission and the European Parliament, we knew this from the beginning, that he will, and knew about the mood then. I think that now it will be again the humiliation of the Ukrainian authorities, the President, who will be forced to cancel it. I think we will see in the coming days when they are under some pretext will do,” said Nye.

MP also expressed the necessity of implementation of “zero return” for the population.

“Because I really suggest that people who have worked somewhere legal, somewhere illegally received money in envelopes, they were victims. If the person was related, he or his relatives to public money in any way, or is it public service or elected office, all these people must declare. Just, prove, show your business, show your status, over the years, it was possible to accumulate such amount of money,” he explained.

We will remind that on March 23, 2017, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft law # 6172, which provides amendments and addenda to the Law of Ukraine “On combating corruption”.

According to the document, contract servicemen and mobilized soldiers are exempt from the obligation to fill in electronic declarations. However, during consideration in the session hall the people’s Deputy Tetiana Chornovol amended, which provides for the duty of the electronic Declaration for representatives of public organizations working in the field of prevention, anti-corruption and all those who cooperate with such organizations.

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