Historians found out the fate of the “older” brother Hitler

Историки выяснили судьбу "старшего" брата Гитлера

British scientists have found that the brother of the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler, Otto, was younger than him, not older, as previously thought. This is evidenced by historians, reports “Reuters” with reference to the results of a study published in “Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten”.

On the basis of historical facts it was believed that Hitler was the fourth child, however, extracts from documents made in the Austrian city of Braunau am Inn, where he was born, testify that actually Adolf was the third child in the family. To such conclusions came the historian Florian Kotanko.

According to found evidence, Otto Hitler, the former was thought the last of the brothers born before Adolf, was actually born three years later, namely on 17 June 1892. He died as a result of inflammation of the brain, having lived only six days.

The researchers note that the new data raise the question of how the brother’s death could affect the future leader of Nazi Germany.

“Thus, the conclusions of many of Hitler’s biographers on the mental development of Adolf, who allegedly received special attention from his mother as Clara’s only surviving child after the death of three brothers and sisters, no longer logical,” the newspaper quoted a historian.

Among other open questions, in his opinion, and he was known to Hitler about his brother and how it could affect him.

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