HMO again halts production

ОПЗ вновь останавливает производство

Odessa port plant

Odessa portside plant halts production of ammonia and urea.

Odessa port plant stopped production of ammonia and urea. This was announced by first Deputy Director of the SCR Nicholas Surikov on his page in Facebook.

“The leadership of the HMO, the decision was taken to stop units for production of ammonia and urea, as their price on world markets falls, and the price of gas, conversely, is growing. Unfortunately, these circumstances do not depend on us”, – he wrote.

According to nobody shchurikov, in the current market situation tolling scheme unprofitable for the company cavalca.

“And as long as in conjunction with the Cabinet there is no compromise on the special conditions of gas supply, alternative tolling contract is not expected” – he said.

Surikov also said that in conditions of the compelled stop in the shops will be made in the necessary maintenance work.

Naftogaz dispute in the court of the launch of the SCR

As reported Корреспондент.netat the end of December 2016 IPF was stopped production due to high natural gas prices and accumulated debts of the plant to Naftogaz. In March of this year, the plant operation was restored.