Hockey: Ukraine lost to Japan in the opening match of the world Cup U-18

Хоккей: Украина проиграла Японии в стартовом матче домашнего ЧМ U-18

Youth team of Ukraine lost to Japan in the opening match of the tournament.

The national team of Ukraine with the destruction started at the Junior world championship, losing to Japan with the score 0:1.

The only goal of our players missed a goal in the third minute of the 3rd period in the minority.

The best part of the Ukrainian team, should probably call her goalkeeper Artur Ohanjanyan. For the game he made 32 saves, including neutralized at least two one-on-one.

UCM-2018 will be held in Kyiv sports Palace from April 14 to April 20. In this tournament the national team of Ukraine will play against Austria, Italy, Hungary and Romania.

In the championship the best team will be able to ascend to the upper division, and the worst will drop out in the third.

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