Holodnitsky accused the NAB of the case in the defense industry

Холодницкий обвинил НАБУ по делу в оборонке

Holodnitsky believes that NABS destroyed the case file by the schemes in the defense industry

From the case, open the NAB in 2016, has disappeared dozens of pages, says the head of SAP.

The head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky at the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defense on Wednesday, March 13, announced the disappearance of the material from 2016, which was first mention of the firm Optionspecial, which appears in the scandal with the schemes in the defense industry.

“I still have not received a response from the Director of NABU, where these materials. But I received a reply from the chief military Prosecutor Matios, who confirmed that these materials were sent (NABS). And indeed there was 87 sheets of correspondence, where it was mentioned and S, and a certain Igor (Gladkovsky)”, – he said.

“But if you take the norms of the criminal procedure code that there are two ways to implement these materials. Or to register a new trade, or to join already investigated. Neither one nor the other was done. Still we do not know officially from NABOO, where these materials are now and that their fate,” added Holodnitsky.

He said that we are talking about the production at the Kharkiv armored plant, where he first mentioned the firm Optionspecial.

“March 2, 2016 detectives NAB brought in ERDR data on crime. The essence of a possible crime was to supply the plant a number of enterprises, among them Optionspecial, spare parts and accessories. Totaling 56 million hryvnia,” – he said.

Holodnitsky said that from September 2016 the investigation has stalled.”In early January 2018 signed by my Deputy do to the Deputy Director of NABU Uhlavy the letter was sent, which indicated a significant decrease in the intensity of the investigation by detectives of the NABOO,” he said.

According to Golodnitsky, the NAB reported that business has no future and there is no need to carry out investigative actions.

“To create the appearance that the case is not that something is being done. Procedure heads of predstavilas information about the correspondence of NABU and “Ukroboronprom”. These letters we first saw in the investigation, although the NEB has no authority to issue such documents”, – said the head of SAP.

Holodnitsky claims that his Agency began its own investigation after the publication of the first part of the investigation journalists. “Recorded in correspondence Cattail bugs or even dumped the detective the text of the letter, which the enterprise had to be sent to NAB,” said he.

Holodnitsky also noted that SAP summon from the NAB case, but they are still not handed over, allegedly under the pretext that “the documents are still cross-linked”.

In addition, the head of SAP said that it had suspended senior Prosecutor on the case of embezzlement in the defense sector. “I took the decision to dismiss senior Prosecutor from the group of prosecutors conducting procedural guidance because in fact the failure in the procedural guidance in production,” he said.

However, he expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the NAB in the case and expressed willingness to cooperate with the RRG.

We will remind, according to the final part of the investigation of the journalists about corruption in the defense industry knew the tax administration, the military Prosecutor’s office, the NAB, the Prosecutor General and the SBU. The last two agencies deny the charges.

In the NAB stated that it had begun an internal investigation. While the Bureau said the manipulation and baseless allegations of covering up the theft in the Ukroboronprom contained in the investigation.


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