Holodnitsky: Kolomoisky spoke about Maidan and the revolution, about Antoniuk and MAU didn’t talk

Холодницкий: С Коломойским пообщались о Майдане и революции, об Антонюке и МАУ не было разговоров

The head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky said that during the meeting with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in April, they talked about independence and revolution, and not about some criminal cases. He told about it during a briefing dedicated to the year of the work of SAP and NABOO.

“It was the case on good Friday, we with Artem Sergeevich (Sytnyk – ed.) then there was a meeting on the third floor of the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and, indeed, when I went to his office, in the waiting room I saw Kolomoisky, about 40 security guards, which actually occupied the EPS and in fact, after this was changed the procedure of passage of people in the premises of SAP. We had a conversation minutes somewhere 40-45, I this fact is not concealed from anyone. In fact, talking about anything, just saying. Talked, about Maidan, about Revolution, about any Affairs was not talking. About Antoniuk and MAU were no conversations. And just so you understand, a month and a half after that, as you say, “mysterious” conversation, it all seen the work of Antonyuk went to court,” said Holodnitsky.

We will remind, earlier the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky reported that he met with Igor Kolomoisky only once in the premises of ARS, and was then enhanced throughput mode in the building.

The NEB completed a pre-trial investigation on September 12, in criminal proceedings against the head of the State aviation service of Ukraine Denis Antonyuk, the indictment is sent to court.

Indictment transferred under part 2 of article 364 of the criminal code on the fact of abuse of official position by the head of GUS, as a result of the airline “Ukrainian-Mediterranean airlines” has suffered damage in the amount of 750 thousand UAH.

The NAB claims that Antoniuk in 2014 is not agreed the state enterprise “Ukrainian-Mediterranean airlines” departures properly certified aircraft, giving illegal advantage, MAU, with the aim of obtaining improper benefits.

In June, the detectives NAB found in MAU documents in the case of abuse of official position by officials of the Ministry of transport.