Holodnitsky: the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Salary is about 50 thousand UAH

Холодницкий: Зарплата антикоррупционного прокурора составляет примерно 50 тыс. грн

The salary of a Prosecutor of the anticorruption Prosecutor’s office is about 50 thousand UAH. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the head of the specialized anticorruption prosecution Nazar Holodnitsky.

“Of the 24 people who work in the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office, 18 – visitors from different regions from Lviv to Lugansk. Housing, I have to say – no, because people have decent wages, the salary of the Prosecutor, this sum is not a secret that about 50 thousand UAH in Kiev, not in the center, near the center or even on the outskirts, I myself, for example, live in Cherry, in Kiev, I do not live, allows you to shoot pretty good without damage to the family budget”, – said Holodnitsky.

In addition, answering the question of whether the information about the violations and illegal acts in the conduct of the competition for vacancies of prosecutors, Golodnitskiy said, “No, such information at us was not. As far as I know, contests at the local prosecutors ‘ offices, some are even still ongoing, as ongoing courtroom, litigation, someone disputes the result, but if you take the competition for specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office, which I conducted as a member of the Commission and order was approved, we scored the first 13 prosecutors and no claim on the results of the competition.”

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In addition, Holodnitsky added that is the solely user of the social network Facebook.

“Any of my accounts in Facebook and other (social networks, – ed.) is all fake,” said anti-corruption Prosecutor.

Also, Golodnitskiy said that is the only Deputy attorney General who has no office on Reznitskaya street.

Earlier, Golodnitskiy said that two days before his appointment to the position he was in AP.

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