Holodnitsky: Upon checking the e-declarations of people’s deputies opened 7 productions

Холодницкий: По факту проверки е-деклараций нардепов открыто 7 производств

Head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky

In fact contained in the electronic declarations of people’s deputies information open 7 industries, said on air of “112 Ukraine” the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky.

“Only 10 (proceedings on the facts of e-declarations, – an edition), among them MPs, I think, 7”, – said the Holodnitsky.

“We can’t just open 450 productions, just. This is the first production,” he added.

Mention on what basis the Prosecutor’s office opened a production Holodnitsky said: “On the basis of who is most evoke emotions declared by the state, regardless of factions, different factions”.

As you know, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine by results of the analysis of the data, e-declarations, established that 7 people’s deputies violated the law by doing, in parallel with the parliamentary, in other paid activities.

Earlier, the GPU on the audit information from the Single registry of electronic declarations of officials found evidence of failure to provide or untimely provision of information about significant changes in the property status of people’s deputies and other entities Declaration. The Prosecutor said that the four parliamentarians who, after September 1 of the current year purchased a vehicle or received income from the alienation of property, within ten days has not reported to the national Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) by submission in the Register of declarations.

We will remind, on October 31, the first stage of submission of electronic declarations for the subjects of declaring, who is responsible and very responsible position. The head of the NACP Natalia Korchak said that checking e-declarations can take months.

Recently, NACP presented the draft of the procedure for monitoring the lifestyle of the declarants. In particular, representatives of the NACP want to participate in searches from the declarants for monitoring lifestyle.