Holyfield: Mayweather has never been undisputed world champion

Холифилд: Мейвезер никогда не был абсолютным чемпионом мира

Floyd Mayweather

Holyfield recalled that Mayweather has never been undisputed world champion.

Former undisputed world champion Evander Holyfield believes the omission of Floyd Mayweather Jr. that he never United the champion belt versions of several organizations.

“My point is that Mayweather is a great fighter. But to be called those who broke all, you need to be absolute champion.

You need to own all the belts at one time to let everyone know: “I have defeated all who had the champion belt, I’m an absolute champion”. You can’t say I have that WBC belt, the WBC belt and this belt WBC. You don’t have other zones to say that you are the undisputed champion.

It’s the only thing missing from the Floyd, because he never was undisputed champion of the world,” Holyfield was quoted by Boxingscene.

Earlier it was reported that Mayweather wants his face was on all Boxing belts.

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