Honestly to find out what the member spent on all the elections more

Честно выяснило, какой мажоритарщик потратил на выборы больше всех

Anton Yatsenko spent on parliamentary elections in all the constituencies more

The leader among elected MPs were independent candidate Anton Yatsenko of the 200 districts that spent on the campaign, nearly 7 million UAH, but the cheapest the campaign was the “servant of the people” Yuri Omelchuk only 6,7 thousand UAH.

A member of Anton Yatsenko from 200th district spent on the election campaign to the Verkhovna Rada of 6.92 million, and his Fund was the largest among the SMCS. This was stated by social movement Fair on Wednesday, November 20.

Honestly reviewed all available financial reports of the candidates on the CEC website.

The cheapest election campaign was the member of Yuri Omelchuk, who was elected from the Servants of the people on the 124th district. Officially he spent on the election 6700 hryvnia, which is 1017 times smaller than the Fund Yatsenko.

It is noted that Yatsenko has not spent considerable resources on television advertising, and focused on the organization of concerts.

During the election campaign with his “support” in the district were DZIDZO, Oleg Vinnik, ALYOSHA, Olya Polyakova, Tina Karol, groups, Antibodies and Neangely. Most of the concerts took place at the opening of the renovated public funds, squares, parks, etc.

For public events with the electoral account of the candidate has spent 5.4 million hryvnia, and Yatsenko received 69% support of the voters of the district No. 200.

But Omelchuk their incomplete official 6.7 thousand hryvnias spent for broadcast on local television.

Honestly notes that in fact the campaign of Omelchuka was at least twice as expensive than the amount that the MP reported officially. Because, according to the library of Facebook advertising, the candidate from the end of June until 19 July, when there was an election campaign, ordered advertising in this social network for 286 dollars (about 7100 UAH). Omelchuk explained by the fact that paid advertising in Facebook with a personal credit card, and not from the electoral Fund.

Previously, KIA stated that the party is the Servant of the people, there are no official employees. The corresponding column of the financial report of the political forces is zero. It is reported that the party was registered in March 2016. For the July-September 2019 the party spent 240 million UAH.

It was also reported that MPs received more than 3 million UAH of compensation for housing. Received compensation of 120 parliamentary deputies. For example, 18 MPs received 41 600 UAH for two months.

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