Horishni Smooth criminal case threatens for the stele

Горишним Плавням грозят уголовным делом за стелу

The city authorities decided to restore the stele of Komsomolsk.

In Horishni Meadowlands Poltava region (former Komsomolsk) has decided to restore the stele at the entrance to the city with the former name of the city. For this reason the Ukrainian Institute of national memory (winp) appealed to the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the SBU and the Chairman of the national police to conduct the investigation.

As the press service of the Institute, the city government instructed the utility to fabricate the missing elements (the letters C and M) for the restoration of the stele, highlighting 8 thousand hryvnias from the local budget.

“The appeal to law enforcement agencies Institute of naramata requests to initiate criminal proceedings on St. 4361 Criminal code of Ukraine on the fact of dissemination and public use of symbols of totalitarian Communist regime and to bring those responsible to justice,” – stated in the message companies.

The stele, which is installed at the entrance to the city from Kremenchug, damaged in the night of may 19. It was broken two letters.

Recall that at the public hearings the majority of participants supported the idea of renaming the former Komsomolsk in Svetinikolska.

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