Hospital network of clinics Acibadem MRIdian is the latest method for the treatment of diseases

Больница сети клиник Acıbadem представляет новейший метод MRIdian для лечения заболеваний

Maslak hospital is the largest network of Turkish Acıbadem hospitals implemented the latest method of diagnosis and treatment of cancer MRIdian

The method is a combination of magnetic resonance imaging and precision radiotherapy. Now, thanks to the innovative development of the scientists, the risk of side effects in the irradiation of tumors decreased to a minimum, and the effectiveness of treatment increased.

MR-Linac is the latest technology that the world’s first combined Mr-image,which visualizes the tumor, even in the soft tissues, and Linac– linear accelerator (eng. linac – LINear ACcelerator) is a device for creating ionizing radiation of high penetrating power. In medicine linear accelerators are used as the main element of radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

Machine MR-Linac enables magnetic resonance scan in real time, simultaneously combining it with radiotherapy, allowing oncologists can immediately see the impact on the tumor treatment, evaluate results and quickly make adjustments to the Protocol.

Details that can only be obtained by using Mr-imaging of soft tissues, provide the opportunity to adjust the dose of irradiation directly on the operating table with a view of the anatomical changes that occur, beginning with the first day of treatment. Using the original continuously moving videoinspector, the technology also allows oncologists to visualize and automatically in real time to control the flow of the beam, based on the location of the tumor and its surrounding organs. Previous methods of radiation therapy did not take into account the offset of tumors which usually occur as a result of breath and involuntary contraction of the muscles. Thanks to the technology of MRIdian, oncologists will be able to treat tumours with unprecedented precision. If the tumor is out of sight of the apparatus, the procedure can be stopped and continued after the refinement of coordinates. This minimizes the potential risk of damage to healthy tissue, the risk of side effects and greatly increases the effectiveness of treatment.

Istanbul clinic Acıbadem Maslak, which is the ninth centre of the existing worldwide centers MR Linac, a first in Turkey has started treating cancer patients using the method MRIdian.

“We are pleased to complete the first in Turkey program for the treatment of cancer with the use of a controlled using Mr images of the beam, and hope she will give cancer patients a number of advantages compared to traditional radiation therapy,”said the Professor Enis Ozyar, doctor of medical Sciences, Director of the University of Mehmet Ali Aydinlar Acıbadem, Department of radiation Oncology. “It is very important that the method MRIdian allows clinical improvement in terms of visualizing and adjusting the plan daily work. This gives us the opportunity for more effective doses of radiation”.

Больница сети клиник Acıbadem представляет новейший метод MRIdian для лечения заболеваний



Currently, the method MRIdian represents the latest advances in radiation Oncology.It is based on the principle patented precision systems and is aimed at achieving the goals of advanced radiation Oncology. Unlike magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) used in diagnostic radiology, the task of developers precision system Mr-images MRIdian was to address specific challenges, including the curvature of the beam, the toxicity of the skin and other problems that may arise in the interaction of high magnetic fields with radiation rays.

Today Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism, thanks to the innovative diagnosis and treatment methods that offer its medical facilities.The Acıbadem Maslak hospital, part of the group Acıbadem Healthcare Group is one of the leading institutions of Turkey in the field of medical services. Part of Acıbadem consists of 21 clinics and 16 medical centres.

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