Hotel Egypt detained the Ukrainian for stealing things

В отеле Египта задержали украинца за хищение вещей

В отеле Египта задержали украинца за хищение вещей

The tourist tried to take a suitcase with things of the hotel.

The Network posted a photo of the contents of the suitcase of a tourist who tried to take out of the hotel toilet paper, light bulbs, spare parts of bidet, spoons, cups, and other utensils.

A picture posted on his page in Facebook employee of the travel company Dmitry Vinogradov.

“A prize to who can guess what’s going on in the photo. My colleagues do not participate”, – he wrote.

In the comments emphasize that this was not a search, and the request to show the suitcase to the hotel representative if they suspect the loss of property.

Now the tourist is threatened with a penalty of 10 times the value of things.

As reported Корреспондент.netEgypt has postponed the price increase for entry visa to the country of from $25 to $60 in July 2017, and then promised to reconsider the rise in price of visas at all.

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