House Aleshin in Poltava was put up for sale

Дом Алешина в Полтаве выставили на продажу

Gorgeous historic building in an ecologically clean region of Poltava on sale for only $750 000.

A unique house in the late Empire style built in the early twentieth century (1912). The project for the building was created by famous Ukrainian architect P. F. Aleshin. Built house was for Bulubasa V., the Deputy of the state Duma. After the revolution (1918) nationalized and turned into the Poltava art Museum. Now the house is again in private ownership. Carried out major repairs, renovation and restoration of its original appearance of the building.

The interior of the House Aleshin decorated in a modern style, but collected all the necessary documentation and photos, allowing to resume its historical features.

What is special about the House Aleshina?

Дом Алешина в Полтаве выставили на продажу



1. A beautiful example of late Empire architecture is Grand, solemn, with strict lines and contours.
2. Occupies a Prime location in the historical and cultural center of the city, on Spasskaya street.
3. Overhauled, equipped with modern life support systems (water supply, Sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and suitable for living.
4. Sits on a huge (by the standards of the city) a plot of 20 acres.
5. Has a rich, aristocratic appearance both outside and inside the building (columns, suspended balcony, carved railings of some internal staircases, high ceilings of 3.5-4 m, etc.).
6. Located on a hill above the Hem, which opens stunning views of the old town, the convent, river Vorskla, the forest.

Дом Алешина в Полтаве выставили на продажу



The house can be used for a comfortable stay all year round as a summer residence for guests from the bustling city in the warm season, as well as for organizing social receptions and special events.

A large area around the house allows you to split a mini Park with fruit and ornamental trees, to Refine arbours and flowerbeds. In addition, the landlord has the opportunity to build the necessary technical and functional building.

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