“House of innovation” has established a communications platform, which brought together scientists, business people and startups

"Дом инноваций" создал коммуникационную платфору, которая объединила ученых, бизнесменов и стартаперов

26-27 November 2016 in Kiev at Troitskaya square, in a specially constructed for this temporary structure in the form of two domes, was held large-scale events dedicated to innovations. The two days that combines scientific and practical conference and educational science shows for the whole family, gathered together academics, innovators, startups, businessmen, students and government representatives.

The event, organized by the public Union “Ukrainian Forum of partnership”, was opened by: Oleg Krishtal, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, neuroscientist; Igor Yankovsky, a businessman and entrepreneur; Igor Novikov, Ambassador of the “Singularity University” in Ukraine, head of the “Singularity Kyiv Chapter”; Denis Gursky, founder of the public organization of IT volunteers “SocialBoost”, as well as Ukraine’s first non-profit incubator “1991 Open Data Incubator”.

“Due to the fact that we have limited financial resources, we need to mobilize. And organize horizontal communication platform with the participation of business, the scientific community, the innovation community and the state “, – says the businessman Igor Yankovsky. He said this during a discussion “As science, business and government can be helpful to each other”, which was held in the framework of the conference “Innovation bring together like-minded people” on November 26 in Kiev.

"Дом инноваций" создал коммуникационную платфору, которая объединила ученых, бизнесменов и стартаперов



Igor Jankowski has agreed to head the branch of the singularity University in Ukraine Igor Novikov. In his opinion, business and science in Ukraine for a long time existed separately from each other: we have a promising inventions, innovations, patents, but now they were actively “turned into something useful”, i.e. to commercialize. One of the main reasons for insufficient investment in science and innovation – lack of coordination of stakeholders and a single information field. “As a businessman, I don’t know where to invest. Business is ready to invest, but do not know what to offer science and the innovators”, – said Igor Yankovsky.

The founder of Ukraine’s first non-profit incubator “1991 Open Data Incubator” Denis Gursky believes that to attract business and civil society to support innovation may promote “success stories”. Around successful projects may occur later clusters, which will work in those sectors where Ukraine has a competitive advantage.

The panelists agreed that the business can be a driver of innovative development, but at the same time to be aware of the dangers of another “skewed” – when science moves to the corporations, as is lately happening in the West. Academician of the national Academy of Sciences, neurophysiologist Oleg Kryshtal noted that innovations arise only when the society has a certain “amount of knowledge”, which, in turn, provides a fundamental rather than applied science. Traditionally, fundamental science is financed by the state, but the creation of favorable conditions for development of science intensive business, it also support innovators and startups who are interested in the development of new knowledge. In particular, this happens in countries where investors that are investing in innovation, have tax benefits, and the state is working to create innovation infrastructure.

"Дом инноваций" создал коммуникационную платфору, которая объединила ученых, бизнесменов и стартаперов



“Scientists are the avant – garde, followed by innovators. Innovation should be our national idea. We have a talented, educated people. Only thanks to this, the country can economically grow in times “, – summed up Igor Yankovsky.

During the conference, 16 speakers discussed the prospects of innovation development in Ukraine, shared experiences of creating innovative projects, as well as told how with limited resources to create an interesting project and implement it. Discussed the following topics: “science, business and government can be helpful to each other”, “Ukrainian innovative projects: examples of high-tech startups”, “innovation infrastructure: how to promote and support innovative projects”, “How to make innovation has become more, and they really improved our lives”. Start-UPS and representatives of fundamental and applied science tried to identify ways of development of domestic innovation based on scientific developments. Told what new developments have appeared on the Ukrainian market, what new technologies await us in the future. Among the interesting projects that were presented on the first day of the “House of innovation”, of the project for the study of human DNA and development of diet and ration on the basis of the acquired knowledge; new methods for the exploration of Mars; the use of drones in the domestic agricultural sector; an application processing of large databases, which is helping online stores to better meet customer needs, the role and place of cryptocurrencies in the modern world and so on.

In the second day held a research celebration for the whole family, where everyone felt involved in science and innovation. Many of us sometimes think that science is something boring and super-intelligent, but “House of innovation” proved that science and innovation can be fun and affordable. Science shows and workshops have entertained each guest to keep. Visitors expecting a magic show “One hour at Hogwarts”, “the Acoustic show”, science show “Around the world”, “Reagent-show”, “kitchen Experiments” and “Cosmic journey”. And workshops: “Science tricks” “Optical illusions”, “Slaym-lab”, “the Science of Sherlock Holmes”.


“House of innovation” is a platform, uniting scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, creative class and government representatives who aspire to develop Ukraine. The project aims to find ways that will help you to quickly innovate and strengthen the economy. To make this happen, we need to unite and work together.

“Forum Ukrainian partnership” – public Union, whose mission is to contribute to consolidation of civil society in Ukraine to solve urgent problems of development, because innovative breakthrough is impossible without the joint efforts of scientists, Ukrainian businessmen, representatives of the government and creative class.