Hoverla announced that in two weeks you can begin the process of bankruptcy

Говерла заявила, что через две недели может начать процедуру банкротства

FC Hoverla made an official statement on the situation in the club after the FFU Uzhgorod has not issued a certificate to the team for next season.

“In connection with the adoption of strange and hasty decisions of individual bodies of the FFU, the statements of some of its leaders, the team of FC Hoverla Uzhhorod considers it necessary to report the following:

The management of football club is doing everything possible to stabilize the situation at the club. To us incomprehensible claim that the club is financially unsound and does not meet the financial criteria for obtaining the certificate for participation in competitions of the Ukrainian Premier League next season.

To date, the debt to the players exposed in the team in season 2015-2016 minimum not only for our League, but also in accordance with the requirements of FIFA and UEFA minimum allowable debt.

The club acknowledges the debt, which was formed at a difficult time for club and national football. In turn, the investors of the club guarantee the ability of repayment of these debts. It should be noted that it is only the actual repayment of debts to players and other employees.

This club offers each lender several variants of calculations.

The club has a clear, principled and unwavering position on recognition of certain decisions of the football authorities on the groundless payments of compensation the amount of which is not justified and those that do not respond to common sense and reality. Because in most cases the amount of compensation exceed the amount of the actual debt of the club at the time of termination of contracts. Such amounts arise from decisions made on the initiative and with the direct impact of unscrupulous agents and other intermediaries.

Despite this, with the support of the main investors of the club is working to coordinate schedules of repayment of debts. Moreover, according to already signed agreements initiated payments. The purpose of these actions is obtaining a certificate for the club next season. To achieve this, the club uses only legal methods – negotiating their rights in arbitration courts. This position is fundamental to the entire team of FC Goverla. The club condemns and will not tolerate any manifestation of corruption both on the pitch and in the offices of the FFU and UPL.

Already to date, such agreements custody and are facing a number of players whose names have repeatedly appeared in the media. Among them, the players Svetoslav Todorov, Balafas Sotirios, Vitaly Balashov, Alexander Nagy, Adrian Pukanych, Get Boris and others.

Summing up the above, the club encourages players and other employees to cooperate, and coordinate schedules of repayment of debts in the near future.

The club finds it necessary to note that in the case of non-signing settlement agreements, and disagreements about schedules restructuring of all the players and staff in a two-week period, investors will be forced to refuse further funding, the club will start the bankruptcy procedure and will actually cease to exist“, – stated in the message of the club, posted on the official website.

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