How easy it is to move to a new smartphone and not lose data

Как легко переехать на новый смартфон и не потерять данные

Your smartphone is already out of date, here-here will fail, or you just want to have the most innovative and modern gadget, but afraid of losing part of the information, files and contacts at the transition to the new device?

We tested the Smart Switch app to transfer data from your old phone to a new smartphone from Samsung.

There are different special applications even pay that help facilitate moving to a new device. But there is quite a versatile tool for Samsung phones that will help you to keep all your data, regardless of device.

In prilozeniyami Smart Switch we checked the synchronization of the new smartphone with the old. The program supports the restoration of backups not only Android, but also iPhone, BlackBerry, and WindowsMobile.

Technical requirements Smart Switch:

  • The smartphone below Android 4.3
  • Computer on Windows7, 8 or 10 with CPU Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz or higher. Memory — 512 MB and above.
  • Computer to Mac OS X 10.5 and above. CPU — 1.8 GHz and memory of 512 MB.

Integration with Google

The company has been cooperating with Google. Samsung is one of the strategic partners of Google, and share of Android smartphones is one of the highest among manufacturers.

Not surprisingly, Samsung has created a Smart Switch for a comfortable transfer of data to the smartphones of the brand. You just open the app on your old and new smartphone and choose a migration method. For example, with iOS, you can move both through iCloud and via cable, WiFi or via a USB flash drive connected via OTG.

Migration c Android

In the case of the transition from a smartphone on Android, it’s very simple. Smart Switch carries not only all the apps, WiFi settings, alarms, but even the arrangement of icons on the screen. I.e., there is complete clone of your old smartphone.

And to use your existing Google uchetku is possible without any problems. Will be available not only your account but all settings YouTube, Gmail, Google Search and Google Play. Well, and bonus you even get free access to a four-month subscription to Premium Youtube, if you go to the Galaxy S10 tablet or the Tab S 10.5.

Migration from iOS

Как легко переехать на новый смартфон и не потерять данные



The program brings all the apps and settings from iOS to Android. But if this is an exclusive development specifically for Apple – Smart Switch then find the app with the same functions and will offer to download it from a corporate store Samsung – Galaxy Store. In addition to programs, there are themes for smartphone, icons and fonts, which even visually will be like on iOs. So don’t have to get used to a different design.

Another bonus is a free place to Samsung Cloud where you can save all your settings, photos, videos and notes. And copy the data to another smartphone Samsung can having only one account. There are no restrictions.

Transferred and tracks that you have purchased in iTunes. All thanks to Google Play Music, which c 2017 is installed on all smartphones and tablets Samsung by default. All users get exclusive features Play Music free for three months with access to a library of 40 million tracks without ads.

As you can see, Samsung has taken care of the user experience when moving to a new smartphone. It would seem that such functionality can be useful not so often, but when it is really needed — you already know how to use it. To move easily with Smart Switch from Samsung and it is the time to look at the most powerful of the line today Galaxy Note10.