How fast is built Kiev? Index of taps from the MOONS

Как быстро строится Киев? Индекс кранов от ЛУН

According MOONS now in the capital, 714 buildings, along with the Kiev region this number is 1326. New housing projects appear every week.

It seems that Kiev is being built very quickly. But how to calculate this? How to know the pace of development of the city? Specialists LOON set out to find a specific indicator, which would respond to these questions.

“We have access to large amounts of data on real estate market of Ukraine: prices for m” to statistics of homes ready for each developer. When we decided to measure how fast the city is built, we realized that the most visible measure of the movement of construction workers can be called taps.

Yes, you can count all fenced stroysibprom territory, but this does not mean that beyond that fence is something really build. You can count the number of residential complexes, but in one LCD can be scheduled 7 houses, but actually built only one. If there is a working crane — the project is moving ahead, and the more cranes, the faster the house is built. Therefore, the number of active cranes is an important indicator of the pace of building and a particular apartment complex, and Kyiv as a whole” — a comment of the MOONS.

A new indicator in LOON called “the index of the cranes” planning to measure regularly.

For the third consecutive month photographers LOON go round all construction sites of Kiev and region and consider construction cranes. In August of cranes working was 372, and in September — 352.

In addition to the total number of MOONS notes for a specific construction project in which the number of cranes has changed. So you can keep track of what LCD moving the phase of active construction (the number of taps increases), the construction of which ends or moves on to the final stage (the number of taps decreases), which construction is completed or suspended (active cranes there).

As of September MOONS gives the following statistics on the LCD:

Construction projects, which increased the number of taps:

✓ LCD Tradition +1 tap

✓ LCD Galaxy +1 tap

✓ LCD Taryan Towers +1 tap

✓ LCD French quarter 2 +1 crane

✓ LCD Osti, 14 +1 tap

✓ LCD Edelweiss House +1 tap

✓ LCD Baggoutovskaya +1 tap

✓ LCD Mirax +1 tap

✓ LCD Urban Park +1 tap

✓ newly renovated St. Eugene (Management), 101, 31 +1 tap

✓ LCD Welcome Home to Stetsenko +1 tap

✓ LCD Svyatobor +1 tap


✓ LCD Svitlo Park +1 tap

✓ LCD Eureka +1 tap

✓ Residential area Rybalsky +1 tap

✓ LCD Grad Hem Vintage +1 tap

✓ Club house “Podilsky” +1 tap


Construction projects, which increased the number of taps. The number of taps is reduced mainly due to the fact that the construction enters the final stage.


✘ LCD Zarechnyy -1 crane

✘ LCD -1 Swan faucet

✘ LCD Comfort town -1 crane

✘ LCD PARKLAND -1 crane

✘ GM Patriotica -2 Kranj

✘ LCD Boulevard of Fountains -1 crane

✘ LCD Novopecherskie Quarter No. 5 -1 crane

✘ LCD Woodstore–1 faucet

✘ LCD RiverStone -1 crane

✘ Seven LCD -2 Kranj

✘ LCD green lake -1 crane

✘ LCD Lesnaya Skazka -1 crane

✘ St. evgena newly renovated (Sagaidak), 101 -1 crane

✘ LCD rusanovskaya -1 Harbour crane

✘ LCD fine town of Kranj -3

✘ LCD LaLaLand -1 crane

✘ LCD Pectoral -1 crane

✘ LCD -1 Adamant crane

✘ LCD Champion City (Demiivska quarter) -1 tap


Along with this another 17 cranes are suspended construction.

Also correspondents of the MOONS made the TOP 3 LCD, where most working cranes:

1. Eureka LCD — 15

2. LCD Char_vne Misto — 11

3. LCD Patriotica — 9

Now statistics on the taps of the MOONS publishes on the Facebook page using hashtag #ndexes.

Как быстро строится Киев? Индекс кранов от ЛУН