How many now there are apartments in new buildings of the capital

Сколько сейчас стоят квартиры в столичных новостройках

Statistics for June showed how much the prices for capital real estate in new buildings. How much to cook to buy an apartment in Kiev?

Hryvnia prices for primary housing in Kyiv was not changed from February to April. But in may they dropped significantly. Statistics from the portal Lunia for June showed that prices of new buildings in Kiev has decreased again.

In the past year there have been large fluctuations in prices for primary real estate in the hryvnia equivalent. And yet the trend is to reduce the cost of square meter in new Kiev are. In June 2016 apartment in the new house were sold at an average price of 22 500 grn/m2, and a year later the price of square metre has fallen to 21 800 UAH.

Minimum prices per square meter in new buildings has changed compared to the previous month: Sep – 15 000 UAH/m2 Jun – 14 900 UAH/m2. Fresh the June index exactly corresponds to the beginning of the summer of 2016.

The cheapest housing capital

Data for June showed that it is cheaper to buy an apartment in Kiev, Desnyanskiy area. Here the developers realize the primary housing for an average of 15 700 UAH/sq. m. On the left Bank to cheaply buy a living space even in the Darnytsia district – at the price of 17 700 UAH/m2.

The most expensive new apartments in Kiev

Dear primary property located traditionally in the city centre. In the Pechersk district, the average price of new housing is 42 800 UAH/m2. The second most expensive real estate is Shevchenkovskiy district: here per square meter are asked an average of 31 200 UAH. Significantly inferior to the leader of Solomenskiy district with its 21 800 hryvnia per square meter.

Сколько сейчас стоят квартиры в столичных новостройках



Prices for new buildings suburb

Many residents prefer to buy apartments in the suburbs: prices are encouraging more than in the capital. The farther away from Kiev, the cheaper housing, for example, in Vorzel, it costs an average of 8 500

UAH. per square meter, and in Belogorodka – 9 200 UAH/m2. Whereas in the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka the cost per square meter is no different from the capital and 15 is 700 UAH. This exactly corresponds to the Desnyanskiy district.

Сколько сейчас стоят квартиры в столичных новостройках



Average prices in new buildings of Kiev

In June, according Lunia the apartment is economy class cost an average of 17 300 UAH/m2. A bit more expensive to implement housing class “comfort”, he will have to pay 18 300 UAH/m2. The cost per square meter in new business class – 31 700 UAH. But for luxury properties asking an average of 55 800 UAH. per sq. m.

All the data available on the portal in the section “Statistics”. Recall that Lunia directory of primary housing in Ukraine. Experts of the company monthly statistics on the changes of prices for new buildings of Kiev and based on them create infographics.