How much it costs to collect the child in school in 2018 and whether you can take money to paycheck loan

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу в 2018 году и можно ли брать деньги до зарплаты в кредит

Approaching 1 September, and on collecting the child to school, there is very little time. How much are school supplies in 2018 and how to purchase everything you need without spending a significant portion of the family budget?

Decide with a shopping list and calculate the approximate cost. This will help to monitor whether all purchased, and track spending.



Price (UAH)



Notebooks 24 liters (20 PCs)


Pencil case


Blue pens (5 PCs)


Pencils (2 PCs)







Shirt/Blouse (2 pieces)




Sports uniforms





2 700

Backpacks and bags

Backpack or briefcase


Bag for sportswear




The cost of school supplies on the list was 3 850 UAH. A considerable sum of money, especially when you consider that it contains only the necessary goods.

5 ways to save money on the purchase of goods for school

How to avoid paying extra when you buy goods for school? Just follow 5 rules:

1. Consult with the class teacher
The schools have requirements regarding the appearance of students, the availability of specific stationery, textbooks. Pre-specify nuances from the classroom teacher, not to buy things that are not useful. For example, instead of textbooks, some schools use tablets.

2. Let’s see what’s left from last year
Carefully review the school supplies that are left from last year. Pencil sharpener, compasses, rulers, colored pencils, covers for notebooks and books serve more than one year and buying them is not necessary.

3. Compare prices in different stores
In different stores the prices vary considerably. Blouse well-known brand will cost 500 UAH, and blouse of the same quality “no name” will be half cheaper. Do not be lazy to spend the time to RAID on shops and markets – you will save a considerable amount.

4. Come with the mind to sales and special offers
Before the school year stores hung signs “Sale”, “Discount 50%”, “1+1=3”. Do not rush to empty the shelves with promotional products. The probability that in a nearby store for a full cost of three things will be lower than the value for the action “1+1=3” in it.

5. Buy office wholesale
Save up to 20% of the cost and save yourself from want to buy these things every month.

Should I take out a loan to collect the child in school?

Adherence to the simple rules of economical shopping will help to optimize your expenses and save part of the budget. But before the beginning of the academic year there is a couple of days and shopping has not been done, it about saving is not. You will have to pay a large sum. And not always it will be at hand. In this case payday loans will be the solution.

The Ministry of financial services of Ukraine has around 900 registered organizations that offer money to paycheck. The main advantage of these companies is that they provide micro credit to 3 000 UAH for a period up to 30 days. This will allow you to take the amount that you need quickly to pay off loan.

A separate niche in the market for payday loans is the services of online lending. The response of the request here comes in 15 minutes, and the funds are transferred to the customer instantly. This reduces the time for collection of documents, visits to offices and wait for a decision.

One of the most popular services online payday loans in Ukraine is MyCredit. Director of the company MyCredit Ivan Krivich made a comment about what needs are provided online loans and will give you credit for fees of a child in school:

”For us and for our customers children the main thing in life. The quality of stationery is and academic performance. Do not worry if you are short of 1000 UAH for the child in the backpack and consider it an unreasonable reason to apply for a loan. Our goal is to help solve the financial difficulties quickly and provide the amount that is lacking.”

The advantage of loans online – available 24/7. You can get the loan round the clock, so to solve the financial problem to collect the child in school at any time.