How much it costs to have a baby in Ukraine

Сколько стоит родить ребенка в Украине

However deep was the demographic crisis, Ukrainians are committed to increasing family. Statistics show that since the beginning of 2018 in Ukraine came to light more than 195-thousand newborns.

How much can cost prospective parents project called “Child”, from what can be discarded, and what is not worth saving?

Сколько стоит родить ребенка в Украине



From conception to birth

Together with the decision to have a baby and two stripes on the test will come to you first expenses. What will leave a fixed asset?
Necessary for a complete examination to the life and health of your unborn baby was never in danger. If the decision was made to get at the public hospital, the services in the package of the basic tests included blood, urine, feces. Each gynecologist will have to buy a set of disposable instruments. For such blessings of civilization as ultrasound, need to pay even in public women’s consultation – it costs about UAH 100. In a private clinic, this service will cost 200-500 UAH.

Required tests that will help determine the possible risks of the development of the fetus, genetic abnormalities, the presence of latent infections that affect pregnancy, as well as many others, public hospitals do not. Will have to pay 300UAH in a single analysis in a private laboratory (the tests should be in different laboratories).

In private clinics, this process is considerably facilitated by the batch tests. The supervision of the entire pregnancy at the ISIDA clinic(the first private hospital in Ukraine, opened in 2004, since 1992, the center in the field of assisted reproduction and genetics) is 29 245 UAH and includes regular consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist and other doctors, laboratory tests, diagnosis, TORCH, ultrasound diagnosis. Basic program monitoring pregnancy 6th week in a private clinic Adonis will cost 20 UAH 002; clinic Leleka – 26 970 UAH. Another important factor is the availability of modern medical equipment, which is extremely important to diagnose any slightest deviation and maximum comfort. In addition, in private obstetric clinics carry out screening, i.e., comprehensive assessment of the development of the fetus. The cost of such services at the ISIDA clinic is 5977 UAH. Of innovation: today in the clinic ISIDAесть unique Quad test, which you can use to identify risks of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. Compared to the previous protocols of screening, Quad test can more accurately determine the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus, and to detect preeclampsia – a dangerous condition in pregnant women that leads to a number of complications, as the mother and the baby.

Total: 1500 UAH / month.

Сколько стоит родить ребенка в Украине




In public hospitals the official cost of delivery ranges from 5000 to 18 000 UAH (without considering “gratitude” to doctors). Caesarean section is more expensive than natural birth, for a few thousand. In addition to this amount, have to pay for additional bonuses, for example, the level of comfort in the house.

In fact, on many sites the reviews are filled with information that the average cost of childbirth is from 800 to 1500 $ for 3 days stay in the hospital (singleton natural births), in a single ward superior.

Natural childbirth in a private hospital ISIDA, taking into account the observations of the whole period of pregnancy are 68 688 UAH. Adonis – 49 900 UAH, with a stay in a standard room. The birthing clinic Leleka are 54 900 UAH; individual choice of doctor at birth will have to pay an additional 12 000 UAH. Moreover, an additional advantage can be further observation of the child. At the moment, 3 private maternity homes of Kiev only ISIDA clinic opened the Department of Pediatrics, where children are accompanied from the moment of birth, and where there is experience with premature babies and those born with low weight.

Total: from 25 000 UAH

Сколько стоит родить ребенка в Украине




In the first years of baby’s life is of paramount importance monitoring his health, as this will help prevent many problems of physical development in the future. The baby’s health is another substantial item of expenditure. Choosing public health, you choose queues in clinics, doctor’s appointment in the rain and snow, which in itself increases the risk of colds. For ultrasound and some tests will have to pay private laboratories. If there are no problems with baby’s health, in frequent studies will not be necessary, at the time, as parents of a newborn, even with the slightest deviations will have all the time to keep abreast.

Private clinics offer annual packages pediatric services, including a comprehensive examination and prevention. The cost of observation from birth to 1 year ISIDA– 26 689 UAH. For this amount you will be offered a house call, a complete package of tests and examinations specialists, and massage for infants. Package comprehensive observation of the baby’s health from one year to 3 years will cost parents 28 239 UAH. Clinic Dobrobut monitor the health of the child from one year worth UAH 18151 (there are restrictions on the number of inspections, analyses, and trips).

“In the first year of life is rapid development of all body systems. Therefore, in the first month, when the main adaptation of the child to extrauterine life, the doctor and the practice nurse needs to see the child once a week to monitor weight gain, skin condition and healing of the umbilical wound, the dynamics of neonatal jaundice (if it occurred). In the future until the child reaches one year, the pediatrician should examine the baby every month to monitor weight, growth, psychomotor development, time to begin the introduction of complementary feeding, to vaccinate according to individual immunization plan. Contact the parents of the child with the clinic are also important. In addition to mobile contacts with your personal physician-a pediatrician and a nurse, at the medical center has round-the-clock Advisory service and emergency – says Inna Nikolaevna TruPower, chief pediatrician ISIDA.

Total: from 1000 UAH / month.

Dowry for a newborn

When the health of mom and baby solved – the case for buying a dowry for a newborn. Often the tiny body and diapers are more expensive than decent clothing for adults. Special hypoallergenic cosmetics will also result in a lot of money. Add ASIC set of diapers for the first time to the clothes and cosmetics – you will get about 10 000 UAH.

For the stroller will have to pay from UAH 5 000; for a chest of drawers with changing table on average you need to pay about 2 000 UAH. The price of the crib – from 2 000 UAH; car seat safety-child – from 1200 UAH. The monitor will cost another thousand. Of course, all of the above can be bought in a second hand or borrow from friends, which will significantly reduce expenditure.

The comfort of nursing moms is also worth the extra cost. The price of linen for feeding of up to 1000 UAH, the pump – an average of 500 UAH. Buy breast creams and oils for stretch marks cost up to 300 UAH.

Total: from 4 000 UAH / month.

Сколько стоит родить ребенка в Украине



Food baby

If the child is breastfed, the problem of expenditure on food for some time will not be relevant. But sooner or later the kid has to introduce solid foods. Blend for 5-10 feedings worth from 100 UAH. Baby food, which includes vegetables, fruit and meat purees, juices, dairy products, costs 35 UAH for one jar.

Total: from 1000 UAH / month.

A child is not only responsible, but also fun, require investment. You can save on no baby monitors, indulge in the journey, during pregnancy or to continue wearing clothes for the kids friends, but do not skimp on what’s important – the birth and the health of your child. Trust our experienced clinics and doctors checked, choose decent working conditions and respect for the patient– because health is priceless!