How not to conduct investment forums: a Master class from the Kiev authorities

Как не следует проводить инвестиционные форумы: Мастер-класс от киевских властей

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In October-November of this year in Kiev will host the investment forum, whose task is to raise money and establish cooperation with other countries. Provides a forum Kyiv city state administration (KCSA), whose leader Vitali Klitschko signed an order a few days ago. Considering that the forum organization and the capacious event, and time is short, we can sadly assume that the forum will bring together local investors and developers”, and swindlers of all stripes from near and far abroad. In the best case will come messengers: watch, listen, and go home.

The intention Vitali Klitschko for this autumn investment forum KV has learned from its order No. 754 dated August 29, 2016.

If you believe the text, today in the Department of Economics and investment on the Khreshchatyk, 36 – just heat. After all, today is the last day, when officials must submit presentations of investment projects in accordance with the development Strategy of Kiev until 2025.

Time wards of the first Vice-the Governor Gennady FPGA to apply or not will be clear soon. KV hopes that in time, because I want to quickly see the list of investment projects from Svetlana Prinada, which directs the Department of Economics.

Sure, having work experience in banks of Dnipropetrovsk oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, as well as the current President of Petro Poroshenko, Svetlana Prynada quite familiar to the time management and stress. No wonder Gennady FPGA lobbied her for the position. But the disastrous performance of the Department can be attributed to the transition period and adaptation of the new frame.

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Moreover, Gennady FPGA everything else – the main Strategy of Kyiv 2025. And then have to fall face in the dirt does not. Therefore, the “Kievvlast” waiting for the end of the week at least a list of projects in which Vitali Klitschko and his Deputy will be to lure foreign investment.

But the important thing is not whether the finished presentation from the town hall. The fact that any international forum – it is very difficult from the point of view of the organization of the event. After all, who want to see the organizers? That’s right – an influential representatives of the investment Fund, high net worth ventures, bankers from China and the sheiks of UAE.

Now let’s put ourselves in the place of these bankers-sheikhs-ventures. There days of the week and month figured out. After all, there are a lot of places where they want these people and their money. And suddenly, very roughly speaking, the office of such investor’s phone rang.

Hello, this is Kiev. We hold an investment forum will present projects that you are interested in investing money, ” says someone on our side.

Theoretically we are interested. When? politely answering someone (not most important) in the office of the investor.

– Two months – cheerful reports the voice from Kiev.

– Sorry, we’re all booked for may next year, ” says the clerk.

– Well, maybe once… Can someone send it? We will be very, very interesting – not complacent voice from the capital of Ukraine.

In the best case, the office of the investor will send the clerk a “the fifth cord from the left Shoe” or asks for a trade delegation to collect the information on the forum. And that’s all.

In the worst case, come swindlers and Shnyrev, which in the global financial markets and kolopinsky – what a fucking nut in the Kiev sea. To recall a ski instructor Kaskiv? And there were state level.

And with such “investors” we would fly together for a tidy sum. Well, get in the world media “how to throw kittens in third world countries”.

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However, maybe we exaggerate, and he was right, the Secretary of city Council Vladimir Prokopiv, when confidently prophesied that before the end of the year in Kiev under the name Klitschko” will go 400 million whether euros, or dollars of investment. And this forum is a nice PR-a wrapper for existing agreements by, for example, Disneyland Park. Then the more curious – what kind of investors are those which only Prokopiv Yes Dmitry Belotserkovets tell?

Although it might be even more prosaic. In an attempt to show his mayoral incredible coolness (not all are on the wakeboard and bike in shape to demonstrate or shirtless amaze the townspeople), Vitali Klitschko called for foreign investors our developers.

Why not? Each W is an offshore company – that is a foreign investor. And investment projects will draw in full accordance with the Strategy of Kyiv 2025 Andrew Vavrysh – at least on the Rybalsky, at any other locations of Kiev.

Anton Podlutsky

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