How not to fall into depression and become happier

Как не впасть в депрессию и стать счастливее

The recommendations of scientists to maintain mental health

A few recommendations from scientists and experts you follow that, maybe not easy, but it is very important for mental health.

International day of happiness, established by the UN, is celebrated on March 20. To this date a group of scientists with the participation of the organization, of Gallup, as well as independent experts conducted a study of world happiness index. Ukraine was in the bottom of the rankings between Chad and Ethiopia.

The psychologists conducted a study among adolescents, which showed that modern teenagers in a half began to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. The reason I see is to build strong relationships with digital technologies. Each year, approximately one third of the population of the entire planet is experiencing mental suffering.

The head of the Ministry of health Suprun gave the Ukrainians a few tips on how to be happy: exercise, watch what you eat, to socialize, to be outside on Sunny days. Корреспондент.net tells about these and other ways to achieve happiness.



Recent studies demonstrate that the human brain is plastic, neural connections are constantly changing – weaken, grow, appear and disappear. During sleep the brain is rebooted, weakens or destroys some connections and reinforces others.

In addition, a recent study Racistische University showed that lack of sleep might prevent “cleaning” the brain from toxic proteins that are produced in the period of active work, and to influence thus on the mental ability of the human brain.

Chronic lack of sleep affects the brain’s ability to process information, in particular to solve the problem. In addition, a decrease in creativity and emotional responses, as well as the growing trend to stress. It can also contribute to depression and addiction to psychoactive substances.

Deficiency of sleep strengthen negative neuronal connections that activate certain mental and behavioral patterns that lead to depression. Violation of neuroplasticity leads to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other dementia brain.

Scientists called the threat of a night of wakefulness

Как не впасть в депрессию и стать счастливее


To improve the quality of sleep, you must sleep in a well ventilated, cool and dark as possible room. Any light falling in the eye (even through the eyelids), especially blue or blue destroys the hormone melatonin (it is also called the hormone of youth), which begins to be produced in the evening and is responsible for biorhythms.

With age, the human body melatonin is produced less and less, this process begins about 25 years, so it’s important not to give the hormone to break down under the action of light.

In addition, to improve the quality of sleep, need to relax. Two to three hours before bedtime you need to withdraw from nicotine and to defer smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, the temperature of the screen which is better keep in a warm color (a function of the filter is blue).

It is recommended to take a hot shower or bath, light some candles, read a book, but not disturbing content. To engage in pleasant and monotonous action.


Eat right

What is the correct nutrition is probably known to everyone already. Will focus on the available products which help to cope with stress and improve mood.

Alpha-linolenic acid, which in large quantities contained in the flax seed, increase the level of the hormone dopamine, which is involved in the synthesis of serotonin – the hormone of happiness and good mood.

Kefir, natural yogurt and other dairy products improves intestinal flora. In recent years there have been many studies that have shown that the intestine directly “communicates” with the brain and disorders of work or “dissatisfaction” of bacteria that live in it, can cause depression.

Sugar and fats. The main enemies of human health

Green tea relieves minor inflammation (also a cause of depression) and protects neurons, improves cognitive abilities of the brain. Coffee increases the mood and gives confidence.

Как не впасть в депрессию и стать счастливее


Whole grain breads and cereal (minimally processed) saturate the body with complex carbohydrates, which helps to level the hormonal changes. Whole grain foods slowly raise blood sugar levels, providing strength.

Betaine and folic acid in beets support serotonin production, stabilize mood and aligns the emotional background.


To abandon the social networks

Instagram, where all users aim to show my life brighter and more saturated, leading to the development of depression in followers who take production photos at face value and compare their gray days with beautiful pictures. Especially among adolescent girls, are highly susceptible to the development of complexes.

Besides, experts say that in the pursuit of beautiful images for social networks, people cease to live a happy and pleasant moments, thinking only of the future publication in Instagram and the likes.


But not communicating

More and more scientific papers confirm that communication with family and friends, improves mood. In the language of psychology this is called “healthy interpersonal relationships and social ties”. If they are in your life, the chances feeling of well being significantly greater.

Social isolation and associated feelings of loneliness increase the likelihood of mental health disorders. For the same reason, strong relationships can protect against depression and promote a feeling of happiness.


Meditation is the various psycho-physiological practices (religious or health) that make the mind more calm and clear. Depending on the technique of meditation based on concentration and/or willpower.

Held for more than three thousand studies that prove the benefit of meditatii, including without esoteric component for the modern urban man.

Breakthrough therapy. The depression cure by psychedelic drugs

Meditation helps us to step back and calmly look at the situation or, if necessary, forget about it. Regular practice preprogrammed the center of fear, reduce anxiety and symptoms of anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

The easiest way to meditate – follow the breath. You should try just watching it, but not to control.



Regular exercise have a positive effect on the active chemical compounds in the brain and the hormones responsible for controlling mood. The muscle load, moreover, helps to increase confidence. Not to mention the improvement of the physical qualities of the body.

You can start with walking and gradually add exercises to not set an overly ambitious plans and then be upset about slow progress.

Как не впасть в депрессию и стать счастливее



To walk in the Park

Most of the time the modern person is within the four walls – at home, office or other premises that deprives a person of the two essential components of mental health – vitamin D, which our body produces in response to sunlight and protects against depression, and nature, which has beneficial effects on a subconscious level.

In a recent study in monitoring the operation of the brain revealed that when people walk in the Park, they are calmer and less frustrated compared to the condition when they walk through the chaotic city streets. Even a 15-minute walk in the afternoon among the greenery gives a positive result.


To stop beating yourself up

All people make mistakes. But dwelling on his own fault only increases the likelihood of errors. Human minds tend to remember painful past events and guilt makes a person more anxious and unhappy.

Worth at least a few minutes every day to think good about themselves and praise themselves for something.


What else should give up

Workaholism increases the level of stress and face chronic fatigue, which can lead to depression. Researchers are advised to prioritize and allocate time to communicate with loved ones and Hobbies.

Perfectionism leads to frustration and low self-esteem, which also can cause the development of depression or eating disorders.

Compare their living standards with others can also contribute to the dissatisfaction with their life. But, according to the study, wealth and happiness are not interrelated.

Mess in the house can become the background source of psychological discomfort and cause a feeling of heaviness in the head, and on the physical level. Disorder psychologists associated with depression, anxiety, and weight gain.

Как не впасть в депрессию и стать счастливееPixabay

The suppression of anger transformerait it in anger and disgust, negative emotions therefore it is important to throw out, but quietly or let them go by forgiving the object of the anger.

Alcohol is a depressant, therefore it is necessary to refuse alcohol to a glass of wine a day.

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