How to attract the investors to Ukraine from USA

Как привлечь в Украину инвесторов из США

That Ukraine needs to attract investments, saying at every step, but implementing this task do not a

In September 2016, was published competitiveness index which is annually determined by the representatives of the world economic forum. According to the rating of investment attractiveness, Ukraine dropped to 85th out of 140 positions. In 2015, the country slipped to 76th to 79th place.

The main reasons for the fall in ranking is primarily corruption, inflation and the unavailability of cheap long-term loans. Foreign businessmen are afraid that in Ukraine, with them can happen something unexpected and they will lose money. As a specialist in this field I know how to help investors.

Interest in Ukraine by foreign investors is still there, although the global competition for investment is very strong. I together with kushnarov attorney Bureau engaged in attracting investors to Ukraine. Corruption – the main obstacle of investment and the fight against it begins with analysis of successful experiences of developed countries (USA and UK primarily) than I actually did in the past few years. You can say that I am one of the pioneers in the development of a legitimate framework against corruption in Ukraine.
Ukraine is one of the countries with the most highly educated workforce and has one of the best agricultural land in the world. We have developed chemical industry. That is, the attractive points are present across the entire spectrum of industrial production.

One of the promising directions for attracting foreign investments in Ukraine, whose potential has not disclosed – the United States. And I know how to bring American money to Ukraine.

In recent years, the States are only in 11th place in terms of direct foreign investment in Ukraine, and, of course, very low for the world’s leading economy. So in 2016, the foreign direct investment from U.S. to Ukraine amounted to 82 million dollars, which is slightly more than 1.5% of the total volume of foreign investments in our country.

I provide investment and strategic advice for clients. As an expert, I believe that the main focus for attracting American investment in the country is agriculture. Currently the land market is under moratorium and the land is used inefficiently. In addition, American technology in agriculture would significantly improve the financial indicators of efficiency and yield in General.
My suggestion is to increase the interest of American investors in Ukraine should open a full-fledged land market, which can provide about $ 100 billion of revenue to the economy for 4-5 years, and to revive investor confidence in the financial sector of Ukraine.

By the nature of their activities I engaged in investment consulting and I came to the conclusion that synergy with US, you can reach in the military-industrial complex, IT and light industry. Ukraine can become the new China for the United States, given the high level of qualification of Ukrainians, as well as a unique logistic location.

I now actively engaged in opening Ukraine to the world, trying to create the reputation of a country capable of innovation and the fight against corruption. And most importantly – I create trust among investors. Trust is the most important thing to attract investment.

Author: Oleksandr Stepashko