How to avoid flu and cold: prevention and treatment

Как не заболеть гриппом и простудой: профилактика и лечение

How to avoid flu and colds

In the cold season, almost everyone thinks about how not to get infected with the flu, not cold, and something to drink and to take to not catch the virus.

Complications of the flu is quite heavy, suffer from heart, lungs, and kidneys. Therefore, the issue of prevention of colds and flu, different strains of which for several years terrorized the Ukrainians, comes to the fore.

will tell you what are the symptoms of flu and how they differ from the symptoms of colds, and tells how to protect yourself from viruses and to be treated in case of illness.

What are the symptoms of flu

What are the symptoms of influenza / photo:

The flu refers to infectious diseases caused by various viruses type A or B. type a Viruses And can hurt both humans and animals, the virus of type b infects only the human body.

The latter is very sensitive to flu viruses (both old and new strains), so often the disease occurs in severe form, and after a high risk of various complications. It is proved that the deaths are caused not by the flu and complications from it.

Modes of transmission of influenza viruses:

  • airborne droplets (saliva, sputum, mucus);
  • contact-household (unwashed hands);
  • food (if not products).

To recognize the flu a number of symptoms. They differ from the symptoms of colds such as flu develops fast and is not accompanied by sneezing.

Temperature, sweating, chills

Fever from the flu just increased more than 37 °C, and within a few hours up to 39 – 40°C. temperature up to 5 days.


The person feels aches throughout the body, sore muscles and eyes, observed, “the asthenic syndrome” (lack of energy). To fight the flu virus the body spends a lot of energy, so the weakness may be observed even after recovery.

Cough and changes in the oropharynx

Seen in 90% of cases, but not immediately, but in 2-3 days and lasts for at least 5 days. Cough the flu is exhausting, prolonged, accompanied by pain behind the breastbone. Sometimes with influenza the patient has more and bacterial infection. Ill first blush the sky, then – perhaps the defeat of vessels, and he complains of a sore throat. This symptom runs through the week.

Dizziness and headache

The symptoms occur due to the effects of metabolic products of pathogenic microorganisms. Provokes a headache also fever.

Runny nose and dry nose

Initially redness and swelling of the pharynx dryness of the mucosa, and in two or three days starts runny nose and breathing becomes difficult.

Malfunctions of the cardiovascular system

Toxic heart damage is a serious consequence of influenza. Manifested by arrhythmias or murmurs, rapid pulse.

The symptoms of the common cold

Symptoms of a cold / photo:

The concept of “cold” is not medical terminology, but there is ARD – acute respiratory disease. Symptoms of ARI rise, with a gradual complication.

The symptoms of a cold:

  • headache;
  • cough (immediately, it’s dry and jerky);
  • sneezing (always with colds and never the flu), hoarseness;
  • “scratchy” sore throat, redness of the throat;
  • nasal congestion, runny nose with copious discharge;
  • weakness;
  • chills;
  • “fatigue”, sore muscles and joints.
  • the temperature in the ARD non-existent or no more than 38.5 degrees.

How to treat the flu, prevention

How to treat the flu, prevention / photo:

If one observes the symptoms of the flu, the first thing he needs to do is stay home in order not to complicate the disease and avoid infecting others. The second step is to seek medical help from a doctor, who will select the treatment that will prescribe medications that are appropriate in a particular case (symptomatic treatment).

Mainly physicians are assigned:

  • fever;
  • anti-inflammatory, reduces pain in the throat (sprays, lozenges, means for rinsing);
  • antihistamines (eliminate swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose, reduce the allocation);
  • vasoconstrictor (nasal drops);
  • cough (mucolytic, expectorant);
  • antibiotic therapy (risk of complications);
  • Immunostimulants (e.g., products containing vitamin C),
  • antiviral (interferon).

The only method of protection against influenza official medicine called vaccination. In Ukraine use two types of flu vaccines:

  • tetravalent Vaksigripp (Vaxigrip Tetra from the French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur) Price – from 270 UAH.
  • trivalent flu Dzhisi (GC Flu from a South Korean company Green Cross Corporation), the Cost – from 250 UAH.

How not to pick up and treat the common cold

ARI is also better not to move “on their feet” and go to the doctor, which, as in the case of influenza, symptomatic treatment is prescribed.

However, at the first sign of a cold, many prefer to be treated folk remedies. The most effective among them are:

The use of vitamin C

Vitamin C is not produced by the body and must be consumed along with food. It is believed that daily intake of vitamin C in the amount of 1000 mg is able to prevent virus infection, to alleviate the symptoms of colds, reduce the duration of illness.

A lot of vitamin C in citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, grapefruits, kiwi) and some berries (raspberries, black currants), apples, persimmons, and fresh sauerkraut, onions and garlic. Large amounts of ascorbic acid in rose hips, red pepper, parsley.

Nasal rinses, gargling

For this purpose, herbal (chamomile) or iodine-saline solutions, furatsilin.


Very useful even when only starting cough. You can make inhalations with sage, eucalyptus, oak bark. If the house has an inhaler for colds will help even inhalation of saline.

Heat mode and sleep mode

Frozen legs will help bath with mustard, but it is better to take a warm bath and a good rest after it. Under the high temperature of the bath is prohibited.

The use of onions, garlic, ginger

Leeks, garlic is rich in phytoncides – biologically active substances that kill bacteria.

Years of research have shown that daily consumption of onions and garlic, reduce the risk of getting flu and help you recover faster ill.

Ginger also helps to fight colds. Useful tea with a slice of fresh ginger root and honey and lemon.


A relatively new and controversial method of treating colds. When a cold is recommended to put pressure on a spot near the wings of the nose, under the nose, between the eyes, in the center of the chin. When you have a fever you can influence the point below the elbow joint.

But if a headache, will help massage the area between the thumb and index finger (pinch it together, the point will be on top).

A balanced diet

Food pyramid:

  • Vegetables, raw or cooked with minimum heat treatment at least 400 g/day.
  • Fruit, as a salad – 300 g/day.
  • Nuts and seeds – 20 g/day. Can be in the form of a snack eat a handful of almonds, cashews or walnuts. Food is necessary to add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax.
  • Whole grains – 125 g/day.
  • Healthy fats – 2 tbsp/day. There are oils (olive, sesame, canola). Omega-3-acid to use in conjunction with oily fish (mackerel, halibut, trout, salmon, sardines).

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