How to build a fashionable wardrobe for the office

Как собрать модный гардероб для офиса

Despite all the apparent conservatism, is not a constant value. He transformered and also depends on fashion trends. If a strict and formal wear little resistant to change, in casual and semi-business style innovations are included, much easier.

The image of the modern office worker is quite blurred. The variety of activities of the companies, atmosphere in the workplace, management style, corporate culture and other factors determines the range of varieties of wardrobe staff and management. Most organizations and even government agencies adhere to the lax office style, if we are not talking about senior level. Modern women can Express themselves and at the same time to meet the business standards. Most importantly, when choosing the outfit to adhere to two criteria: decent and practicality.

Stylish business image will make sense of the harmony and compatibility of the elements. To save time and nerves in the selection of items for your office wardrobe help ready images, specially created by professional stylists with the fashion trends. Masters of Internet shop of fashionable clothes “Stylecity” has developed many variants of mini-images and total-look for the business woman. To look stylish and to comply with office etiquette in clothing now just.



How to build a good image

The basis for creating fashionable business clothing for women are dresses, pants and skirts. In contrast to the strict dress code the basic things should not be only in black and shades of gray. The color scheme can be chosen according to personal preferences and fashion trends. For example, in the spring and summer, a great basic thing are the pants a juicy coral color. Depending on selected shirts and accessories they can be the basis for discreet casual or casual Friday attire.

Skirt can be the center of attention or a base for other elements that highlight key points. Trapezoidal cut and a bright color to be combined with soft tones, so as not to overload the image. While nicely matched with bright accessories make the look fully completed.

The elements of a formal business style can also be an excellent base for a free office image. So, strict pencil skirt will balance such vivid details like colored shoes and blouse casual feminine shape.

Dress always emphasizes the femininity of the housewife, and therefore is only allowed in non-strict office dress code. It can be quite restrained, conventionally, replacing a business suit, or have a boxy fit, textured lines and bright details.

The optimal solution for the modern business woman on a daily basis to create a new image and not to spend the income mainly on the employee’s closet, is creating a capsule for the office. Unique business offer fashionistas from “Stylecity” – selection of individual sets of clothing and footwear, taking into account preferences of the client. One advantage of this approach is the versatility of the elements. Skillfully accessorized basic things can be appropriate at business meeting and at the party. Free online advice from a stylist will allow you to pick a fashion image, which will emphasize your dignity. Also shop Stylecity offers a unique service: preparation of the image with your favorite thing. You only need to send a photo of his things, so the stylist has prepared for you a fashionable way.