How to bypass blocked sites in Ukraine VPN

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Украине по VPN

Lock VK, Yandex, Odnoklassniki and in Ukraine: how to circumvent the ban on Russian social networks and websites. Step by step instructions

Shock news of the ban of Russian social networks in Ukraine, as well as blocking Yandex, 1C, Mail.RU and Kinopoisk forced to think about how to bypass the lock VK, Classmates, and all of the above sites.

Some banned sites, such as Facebook, immediately send users instructions on how to bypass the lock in Ukraine. How to bypass active in the publication of well-known Ukrainian news resources.

Meanwhile, Moscow has promised Ukraine retaliatory sanctions, and the largest Ukrainian provider Ukrtelecom has started blocking pursuant to the decree of Peter Poroshenko.

Consider the most popular ways to bypass the lock


1. VPN (virtual private network).

It’s a way to substitute your own location, pretending to be a resident of the country in which the site is not prohibited. The user gets VPN secure channel with encryption of all transmitted data. With this technology working browser extensions and browser plugins.

So install VPN via Chrome.

Go in the extensions directory via the settings button of the browser in the upper right corner of the screen:

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Украине по VPN

Then click on “More extensions” to go to the online store:

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Украине по VPN


Then in the window that appears, web store writing the word “VPN” and click “Enter”, then the directory will offer extensions that work on this technology:

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Украине по VPN


Then select the desired extension and click “install”. For example, we took the first of the list – ZenMate. Set:

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Украине по VPN


After that, the plugin will prompt you to register by e-mail, and then will appear in the extensions panel:

Как обойти блокировку сайтов в Украине по VPN


Further default will be traffic from any country, which allowed the desired sites, for example Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Mail.Ru, Yandex, etc. But clicking on the extension icon, you can select the country and designs available ACCOR – any from the list.


2. HOLA!

It’s a similar extension. Of its drawbacks is the need to manually select VPN desired country. In addition, the plugin sometimes breaks the layout of blocked pages, what they look hard to read. But according to its publishers, it may be better for viewing media content, as for the faster downloads of streaming video it uses the computers of other users with the plugin installed.

3. TunnelBear.

The service is available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac. He also works on VPN technologies. Install it on mobile more difficult. For example, on iOS it requires registration, email confirmation, profile creation with the VPN settings, the inclusion of his profile in the options iOS. After all the manipulations you can start working.

4. Proxy.

The server performs the role of mediator: the user trusts him to obtain for user the right information. In other words, you access the proxy server, it requests the info on the locked resource, and from my reports it to you. The proxy server at its simplest, is made in the shape of a regular website requires you to enter the address of the desired user resource.

Among these proxy ProxFree, Hideme,, Ninjacloak, Proxyweb, Hide My Ass, The principle of the sites are very similar: they usually just require you to copy the link into a string on its main page. The disadvantage is that pages loaded much slower.

5. Tor

Is the program browser, this statement is an anonymous virtual network that send traffic in encrypted form and guarantee you complete anonymity. In the browser there are many additional settings for maximum anonymity.

Software running on the computer participants TOR helps to forward packets from other participants. Any of your inquiry nasirulla and will be passed from one user to the other TOR a certain number of times and only then go to the destination. Then the user will return the answer. No one, except for the first and end node, would not know where to run the query and what information was requested.

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