How to choose a reliable Builder

Как выбрать надежного застройщика

New filter on the moon, which helps to look for developers with experience in the delivery of new buildings into operation.

In the capital, a building boom has been ongoing for 5 years — the city is upset entire neighborhoods. According to the Main Department of statistics in Kiev for 2017 were put 1 734 000 m2 of housing. It is approximately 28 000 apartments, which is 38% more than in 2016.

According MOONS in Kiev you can buy an apartment in 296 residential complexes, including during the construction phase. Actually, it’s not just a purchase, but an investment in the future building. It allows you to buy housing at a bargain price compared to the apartment in the finished house. But, like every investment, it involves risk: the house can pass a delay or not pass at all. To minimize the risks associated with the construction, first of all, you need to decide with the developer.

How to choose a reliable Builder? The answer may not be simple and unambiguous. The choice consists of many factors, but there are basic characteristics of reliability, which will help to narrow your search.

The first thing you should pay attention to — whether the Builder ready house.

The availability of rented homes is a positive experience, which obviously increases the likely implementation of the following projects of the Builder.

According to the website of Minfin in Kiev on the 29th of developers have put their homes into operation in 2017. That is, except the five largest and actively marketed by the developers, there are still about 30 that investors should pay attention.

It gives a wider understanding of the market — developers who sit at home a lot.

Leased buildings — an objective measure. Especially to test it on the moon was developed by filter “is ready at home.” In one click you can sort of developers who have passed at least one house in operation. This is a much easier choice in the early stages of the search Builder — no need to search for information about each, everything is there on the moon.

Как выбрать надежного застройщика



The filter shows 266 buildings. That is, the LCD 266 s 296в Kiev, built by developers that meet the first parameter of reliability — have the experience of putting the house in operation.

Search new property for investment is a complex multistep process. The real estate market is developing rapidly, new players appear in it constantly, choosing a reliable Builder is very important. Use a special filter on the moon to reduce the risks — analyze the experience of the Builder and check if he has commissioned the house.