How to collect child to school and how much it costs

Как собрать ребенка в школу и сколько это стоит

How to collect child to school and how much it costs

At the end of summer, and that means that soon the children will begin the new school year. Preparing for September 1, and consider the costs.

How to collect the child in school in 2018

For some, it will be the first, others will come to the holiday line on 1 September for the last time, and for most children the school year 2018/2019 will be just another. In any case, the parents getting ready for school now. will tell you what you need to school children what things are necessary and what is secondary, what amount should be spent on the purchase need, and will also remind you about the new rules of admission of children to first grade.

Basic things needed by the student

Как собрать ребенка в школу и сколько это стоит

What are the things necessary student / photo:

It should be noted that the lists of basic things for high school students and first graders are different. But there are basics that will be needed children 6 to 17 years.

Form to school

The ratio of schools to form pupils in each school specific. The management of the institutions to decide what should be the form. This applies to colors: blue, black, green, Burgundy, and styles.

In some schools a certain pattern there, and children are allowed to attend classes dressed in official-business style with a bright top and dark bottom.

In any case, the boys will need a few pairs of thin pants and at least two insulated in the cold season. Also need to stock up on shirts, better if they will be at least five, on every day of the week. Colours – pastel, plain. The boy needed a jacket, vest, cardigan or pullover.

School girls wardrobe more diverse. Need a few shirts, you can also purchase socks. The set to two or three skirts is to buy a sundress. In some schools in the winter, girls are allowed to wear pants, so you need to have at least one pair. Also, girls need a jacket, blouse, vest also can.


For children school is a place of work, that’s where they spend half and sometimes the whole day. Therefore, it is important to buy comfortable and quality shoes.

Many schools engage in “smenku”, which means that these kind of shoes needs to be the best. After purchase, a new shoes, take a little walk home in order to avoid corns.

Acquire leather, orthopedic shoes. Boys need: dress shoes or loafers, shoes spring, autumn and winter. For girls a set of identical.

Sports uniform and shoes

Not necessary to buy a tracksuit, although it is considered ideal for physical education lessons in school. While it is warm, the kids are on the street, so long pants and a trowel is not necessary. You can wear a t-shirt with shorts. This kit is often used in winter when the classes are held in well-heated gym. When cold useful tracksuit.

As sports shoes choose shoes or sneakers.

Tights and socks

Schoolgirls Junior classes need tights and several pairs of colored socks for daily and at least one white color for festive events. The older girls can be purchased tights neutral shades: Nude and black. Boys need a dozen pairs of socks, will not prevent they the girls that will wear together with sports shoes.

Briefcase or bag

For students in elementary school are important portfolio with an orthopedic or anatomical backrest, which has the function to distribute the load on the spine of the child.

Quality backpack:

  • has padded adjustable straps, follows the curve of the shoulder;
  • weighs more than a kilogram;
  • rectangular shape of sufficient height (the bottom of the product must pass through the waist) and width (no more than shoulder width of the child);
  • made of durable polyester with water-repellent impregnation;
  • with good accessories, namely, closed with a zipper, have the reflectors;
  • with additional pockets, one with rubber band to fix the notebook;
  • design, which is sure the child will like, because if the product don’t like him, he’s not willing to attend school;
  • with additional accessories, made in the same style: pencil case, folder for notebooks, bag for sports uniforms.

The older pupils fit stylish bags which will differ in capacity and functionality.


All students need: pencil cases, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners. First graders will need: colored pencils, paint, clay, drawing books, colored paper and cardboard. Students need to buy a special set for additional geometry or a compass and protractor.

A separate item on select notebooks. It is known that up to the fourth grade children writing in notebooks with a diagonal line and the box, enough for 10 pieces of each type. Since 5 th grade need notes in the line.

They need to buy with a different number of pages, because if one item is enough notebook 18 sheets is another necessary volume of 96 pages. Today a lot of controversy about the covers of school notebooks.

In some educational institutions require to buy notebooks without a pattern, citing the fact that it is distracting children from their studies. Other schools do not care in the third – please close cover double leaf from a notebook, which then write the name of the owner and the name of the subject.

About the diaries are also a lot of information. In specialized schools, gymnasiums and lyceums are the same diaries with the logo of the institution. These blogs are specially ordered annually in the printing of a certain number of students. In secondary schools special requests to the diary usually do not show.

What is the cost to collect first-graders to school in 2018

Как собрать ребенка в школу и сколько это стоит

How much to collect in school pervoklasnika in 2018 / photo:

In 2018 a “school kit” will cost parents at least 3000 hryvnia, analysts estimated. “Cheap” collect child to school this year will fail in comparison with last year prices rose by 15-20%.

Back to the list of basic things needed by a student, which is described above and Orient the cost.

  • School uniform. From the entire list, this item is the most expensive. Kit will cost not less than 1000 UAH, for girls – 1500.
  • Shoes. Need 2 pairs of shoes: regular and interchangeable. The estimated cost of set – 1000 UAH.
  • Sports uniform and shoes. The price of the tracksuit about 500 UAH, 350-500 UAH should be spent on sneakers.
  • The tights and socks. The cheapest socks – 15 UAH, tights – 50 UAH.
  • Backpack. Prices on backpacks: from 350 to 1200 UAH.
  • Stationery. The minimum set for a first grader – 500 UAH. Quality and cheaper products offered by domestic manufacturers.

New rules of admission to first grade

Как собрать ребенка в школу и сколько это стоит

New rules of admission to first grade / photo:

In may of this year entered into force new rules for admission of children in first class. First of all, each child is guaranteed a place in school at his residence. In the second place in the desired school enrolled children who are already studying here, brothers or sisters.

The right to gain knowledge in the desired school provided children with school staff and graduates of the preschool attached to the school.

If not enough places in the school at the place of registration of the first-grader, parents are offered school where space is available.

When a child lives there, where is he got or did not get into desired school from the blind draw or if there are available places in the classes (30 students). It was held from 5 to 10 June. In a transparent drum have downloaded the same lots, who pulled the parents of child applicants.

Until may 31, the parents submitted documents to the desired school. And this: the statement of a certain form of acceptance, copy of birth certificate, original or copy of certificate about the results of mandatory medical preventive examination (no 086-1), if desired, – statement of comprehensive psycho-educational assessment of a child’s development, as well as document confirming the place of residence of the child at the service area of the school.

For admission in any school, the first grader did not pass any checks on the level of knowledge.

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