How to diagnose diseases of children at an early stage – advice from the clinic Acıbadem

Как диагностировать заболевания детей на раннем этапе – советы от клиники Acıbadem

The number of cancer cases is growing worldwide, suffer from this and children. In paediatric Oncology, an increasing number of diseases and the increased aggressiveness of their manifestation.

There is an increase in cancer cases in infants aged 1-2 months. How to diagnose the presence of cancer in a child? Professor doctoring Ayan, specialist in Acıbadem, says.

First, there is the genetic factor. For example, if my mother had breast cancer diagnosed at a young age, and, if relatives have had cancer of the breast, it is clear that it is necessary to monitor the health of this child. There are also viruses that can predispose to cancer.

Can affect the disease environment that we surround your child?

Of indzhi Ayan:over 10 years I otmetilis number of oncologic diseases in children, and one of the reasons is mass production, used to improve productivity, harmful substances enter the body with food. Various types of pollution associated with the use of latest technology (phones, tablets). And I want to draw attention to the fact that Smoking if the mother smokes, and the father in the family can lead to the formation of sarcomas in children.

An expert from the center Acibadem argues that childhood cancer can be curable. More than 60% of children can be saved. The degree of success increases to 90% with early diagnosis of the disease.

First of all, parents should know that cancer of a child is not an acute disease, therefore, they must seriously think, if the child doesn’t feel well for several days or weeks.

There is also an important condition of the struggle with the disease correctly chosen treatment in the clinic under the supervision of experts in the field of pediatric Oncology.

Как диагностировать заболевания детей на раннем этапе – советы от клиники Acıbadem



Professor doctor of indzhi have Analyasis details: In recent years I have had many patients from different countries of the world. They approached us a second time, after the initial treatment in the country. In the clinic, Acıbadem Maslak focused on the treatment of childhood cancer, our attention is focused on a clear cooperation between nuclear medicine, anatomic method and genetic research.

Most often, cancers in children: leukemia, brain tumors, lymphomas, sarcomas, cancer destruction of bone or liver.

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